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Old 28-09-11, 16:14
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I've made them ...

And from Admin panel , i can't add a new user ...

General Error

                  SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]

Field 'name_append' doesn't have a default value [1364]


INSERT  INTO users  (uid, name, pass, secret, email, country, torrent_pass,  status, added, upload, download, gender, birthday, user_style, language,  tzoffset, user_dst, can_leech, torrents_limit) VALUES (4, 'test2',  'ed2620f4ad30cde8cb2203138eb0b8a3', 'jlsmKTHLqvKyiSZRUhAV',  '', 75, '590feaf6881f70031f627be4d5f27ae1', 1,  1317220387, '3145728', '3145728', 0, '1990-06-11', '3', 'english', 2,  '0', 1, 5)

FILE: include/db/mysql.php
LINE: 173
CALL: dbal->sql_error()

FILE: admin/admin_adduser.php
LINE: 103
CALL: dbal_mysql->sql_query()      

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Old 16-01-12, 23:12
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Angry error login
Not logged in!

The page you tried to view can only be used when you're logged in.
Note: You need cookies enabled to log in.
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Old 17-01-12, 09:26
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Originally Posted by dj_otrov View Post
Not logged in!

The page you tried to view can only be used when you're logged in.
Note: You need cookies enabled to log in.
Stating errors and error codes doesn't help anyone, this is the second post i have seen like this from you.

If you need help, state the error properly, what os your using, version of php and mysql etc.

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Old 29-03-12, 15:55
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Red face need help
hello you!
that their members do not know much about this to find out
the following few questions would help ...

upload success but how to seed torrent?

Attached Thumbnails
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Old 12-06-12, 20:34
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hi ,
i cant add torrents, cant add categori

how can i add torrent ?

edit ;

ok i can
but , this tracker add scritp


how can i deleted this tracker ?

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Old 22-10-12, 21:42
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Thanks! Working perfectly...
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Old 02-11-12, 01:27
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Whenever I try to seed a torrent, even with the correct passkey, it gives me some weird error in German or Russian or something in my torrent client. How can I disable its passkey functionality alltogether?
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Old 03-11-12, 09:57
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i got :

Invalid Peer Error ?

why ???
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Old 09-03-13, 04:18
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How to make this source to add public torrents?
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Old 12-01-16, 14:29
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Default upload problem
i will upload torrent i press upload button after that comes white page??
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337 , edition , revision , sz , torrents tracker

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