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Default YSE 2.x


Source files attached to this post are updated every time the SVN has updates

EDIT: 11.07.2014 - If you want to checkout the source development visit: SVN checkout

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Works Excelent!!THANK YOU!! :P :)
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In default language is much more incomprehensible symbols of the language did not talk ENG, ENG translation is terrible! Left the default charset.
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Old 22-03-10, 15:30
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Default hello
somebody could tell me how to install?

$mysql_charset = "cp1251"; and to change this or leave it... because i have some strange words like this [B]
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Old 25-03-10, 08:51
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Default helllo ?
looks nice ! but where do i insert my databse ?

im confused i almost look evry where :secret:
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Old 26-03-10, 00:21
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Originally Posted by Marco View Post
somebody could tell me how to install?
$mysql_charset = "cp1251"; and to change this or leave it... because i have some strange words like this [B]
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Well, I'm using it and I have translated it fully to Latvian language and about 60-70% to english. Still needs a lot of work to finish English translation.
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Old 11-04-10, 04:21
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why im getting?
Отключите register_globals в php.ini/.htaccess (угроза безопасности)
when i've uploaded the files , i've tried to deleted the .htaccess ? PLEASE HELP
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Old 16-04-10, 22:20
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you just need to DISABLE REGISTER_GLOBALS! no need to delete .htaccess, in fact you might need it to put settings...
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Whare can Disable that REGISTER_GLOBALS???
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