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Default Help me PLS
Ask for help how to change color from yellow to blue, attach a picture, thanks

Click the image to open in full size.

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I am not sure if it css related but never the less that is what I would check after checking that certain pages code via your notepad,notepad++ etc you should either find a ID or CLASS example:

HTML Code:
<div class='example'></div>
HTML Code:
<div id='example'></div>
could be a tr,td,table etc I don't know I don't have the code to check but that is my advice never the less mate.

in css:

HTML Code:
.example{  border: 1px solid #1F1F1F;}
HTML Code:
#example{  border: 1px solid #1F1F1F;}
hope that helps so you know what your looking for mate, good luck
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Yes you will need class then in your theme css add the lines for this set what colour you want so on if I recall there is css in there you will just set new colours for this and borders it and it will change everywhere on the site

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