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Originally Posted by Caterpillar View Post
Der Teufel!

Neue Versionen jeder Woche...

The devil!

New releases every week ...
Hi, can you help me with the installation par tip and tricks?
Problemm is if I setup everything then go to the home page then do I have to register first, and this is the problemm! I do not know where can I turn off captcha irgendwass I have to enter (code) but I see nothing there

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This source is not yet decoded and it can`t be used !

For decoding we need arount 200 euro so untill we will get that amount of money in donations there will not be a TS v5.7 release !
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Old 25-06-09, 22:19
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Default Help pls
I Have a problem pls help me
\htdocs\index.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll to be installed by the site administrator.
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Old 26-06-09, 00:51
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Originally Posted by blackhart View Post
I Have a problem pls help me
\htdocs\index.php requires the ionCube PHP Loader ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll to be installed by the site administrator.
Yes, you have that problem, but are you sure that's just all about you're having?
  1. This isn't even decoded, that's why you will require to have ionCube modules installed on your server.
  2. This isn't even nulled, leaving for even more of those well known "problems" to re-appear.

But, if you're willing to go through with it, I suggest you download and install ionCube, there are some threads about it here at bvlist, and if that doesn't cover it, try google.
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Old 23-07-17, 18:24
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Anyone have the dbsql ive done this just need a dbsql then i can release it
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Old 07-10-17, 14:47
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Ive decoder this made a installer for it removed all back doors all i need is a server to test it on and set all new addons made radio so on when i can aford to get a server i will test set addons up so on then i will release this not til then so i know its set up and done any bugs if any.removed ioncube loader so you do not need it at all all decoder and nulled. And made a database for it too looking over the full base core i set all sqls to mach all

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encoded , tsse , v57

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