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Default Simple Installation Instructions?
I have received more than a few comments about the installation instructions posted in the README file on GitHub.

I have thought that the instructions are clear and concise, but maybe I am wrong.

I would appreciate any feedback that might make the instructions a little easier to understand.

To Install:
# get the files
git clone

# install dependancies
cd Pu-239
composer install
npm install

# set ownership
chown -R www-data:www-data Pu-239

# set webroot to path Pu-239/public

# create database, add charset to [mysqld] section of mysqld.cnf

# goto website and complete install, all fields must be completed and each fields includes an example and tooltip explanation when hovered

# delete public/install folder once directed to
rm -r Pu-239/public/install/

# create your first user and login

# goto admin and create your bot/system user

# goto admin cleanup and activate/deactivate scripts, they are initially set to yesterday midnight

# insert trivia questions if desired
mysql database < Pu-239/database/trivia.php.sql

# insert tvmaze ids
mysql database < Pu-239/database/tvmaze.php.sql

# keeping AJAX Chat open after first installing will allow the cleanup to catchup

I do custom coding, source installs, mods, server setup and/or config, etc. Feel free to pitch me your needs and your offer.
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