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Default Kill Switch
Hi all,

I am a new member obviously, i noticed that all the torrent site have no secondary option if they are raided or what ever the reason might be for getting caught (stupidity - no offense).

I have setup my own Tbdev, then got waaaaay to tired of getting the sql to mysqli. I have setup TorrentTrader 2017 offline and i would like to get reports from those who are running it and is it worth it to work on the TT3 Unofficial ?

Although the above is random and does not have anything to do with "Kill Switch":

I was thinking of implementing a kill switch that if for example a site is raided one of the trusted admins will have access to the killswitch once it is activated i was thinking implementing a backup system (smartly).

Example: BOOOM!!!! Raided, step one : admin gets a notice that the site has been raided. step 2: admin activates kill switch. (now with that in mind kill switches always wipes everything which is 100% perfect but a 100% loss of data </3) but then you cannot get anything back </3. step 3 (automated by switch): switch will take the site offline [edits $site_online = 0] creates a backup of the entire site as well as the sql. step4 (automated by switch): get the switch to transfer it to a secure location :). step 5 (automated again): after the backups have been sent to a secure location the switch will then kill and permanently delete everything with a file shredder (i have made a file shredder which works kinda not yet 100%) the data will never be recovered on that server :)

once they cannot find any evidence that you are the owner (keep in mind if you do not think smartly and have your ip logged in then nothing can help you as your domain registrars will gladly hand you over). you can always come back online with a new domain and same old data yaaaaaaay

Finally at the end, does this sound like a good idea??? we can always implement it on all Torrent sites -obvious-

hope to hear good responses
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