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Old 4th July 2008, 03:00
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Default Adding new user class on tbdev

I would like to add a new user class called DJ to tbdev which files do I need to edit to do this?

At the moment I have

define ('UC_PEASANT', 0);
define ('UC_USER', 10);
define ('UC_VIP', 30);
define ('UC_UPLOADER', 40);
define ('UC_MODERATOR', 50);
define ('UC_ADMINISTRATOR', 60);
define ('UC_SYSOP', 100);

And would like the class for DJ to go between VIP and User
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Old 4th July 2008, 20:29
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Default Re: Adding new user class on tbdev
Nice tutorial for newbie's ;)

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Old 5th July 2008, 03:21
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Default Re: Adding new user class on tbdev
just add it where you want it .. luckily u seem to have picked up a premodded source where the user classes have been spread out.

firstly add the new class to the constants list

define ('UC_PEASANT', 0);
define ('UC_USER', 10);
define ('UC_DJ', 20);
define ('UC_VIP', 30);
define ('UC_UPLOADER', 40);
define ('UC_MODERATOR', 50);
define ('UC_ADMINISTRATOR', 60);
define ('UC_SYSOP', 100);
and then look through the rest of global.php checking for anywhere else you need to define it .. one place you will definately need to define it is in the get_user_class_name function i think it is. Just look at the code thats already in those functions and copy it out for the new class obviously using UC_DJ and the level 20 where applicable
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Old 10th January 2012, 17:16
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PHP Code:
   $class_names = array(
UC_USER                 => 'User',
UC_POWER_USER           => 'Power User',
UC_VIP                  => 'VIP',
UC_COMVIP               => 'COMVIP',
UC_UPLOADER             => 'Uploader',
UC_MODERATOR            => 'Moderator',
UC_ADMINISTRATOR        => 'Administrator',
UC_STAFFLEADER           => 'Staffleader',
UC_SYSOP                => 'SysOp',
UC_OWNER                => 'Owner');

$class_colors = array(
UC_USER                 => '00FFFF',
UC_POWER_USER           => 'f9a200',
UC_VIP                  => '009F00',
UC_COMVIP               => '00FF33',
UC_UPLOADER             => '3579DC',
UC_MODERATOR            => 'FE2E2E',
UC_ADMINISTRATOR        => 'B000B0',
UC_SYSOP                => '4080B0',
UC_OWNER                => 'FF0000');

$class_images = array(
UC_USER                 => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/user.gif',
UC_POWER_USER           => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/power.gif',
UC_VIP                  => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/vip.gif',
UC_COMVIP               => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/comVip.gif',
UC_UPLOADER             => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/uploader.gif',
UC_MODERATOR            => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/moderator.gif',
UC_ADMINISTRATOR        => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/administrator.gif',
UC_STAFFLEADER          => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/leader.gif',
UC_SYSOP                => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/sysop.gif',
UC_OWNER               => $INSTALLER09['pic_base_url'].'class/owner.gif'); 

PHP Code:
define ('UC_USER'0);
define ('UC_POWER_USER'1);
define ('UC_VIP'2);
define ('UC_COMVIP'3);
define ('UC_UPLOADER'4);
define ('UC_MODERATOR'5);
define ('UC_STAFFLEADER'7);
define ('UC_SYSOP'8);
define ('UC_OWNER'9); 

give this ago ediit lines
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