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Old 20th May 2008, 19:19
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Default User Classes

1) I am trying to appoint a sysop besides me but unfortunately the system refuses to appoint someone with sameclass or higher than me

i tried to add +1 to all usergroups in include/init.php but i ended up lowering myself from (Directorate of the Tracker) to Admin

so i was wondering what's the solution for that?

2)I wanna change the current userclasses names and perhaps increase the current available classes so i was wondering what to edit in include/functions_global and and in the database and where to edit the new upload requirements for promotion?

3)sysop acc is registered 2002 weeks ago so where to fix that?

Currently working on localhost (xampp) using Yuna Scatari v2.0 PRE7 RC0

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Old 21st May 2008, 16:41
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Default Re: User Classes
most of what you want to do will reside in the mysql database use phpmyadmin and have a look ;) best of luck

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Old 5th June 2008, 12:20
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Default Re: User Classes
The solution is simple - make new account and after that go to DB and set class of this account = sysop+1. Then every time when it will be necessary to do something with sysop's accout you can log in onto this 'supersysop's' account and make changes as you have in this moment higher rank. There are some more advantages of having such super have control of every account with sysop's included in case of situation when someone break in and try to meddle with accounts. It's useful in many ways :)
I'm not sure if this sysop+1 class will be seen in temporary change of rank, but you can work on it. This will be easiest way to manage accounts on sysop's level.
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Old 6th June 2008, 19:32
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Default Re: User Classes
thx trurl3 :)
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classes , user

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