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Old 18th January 2020, 18:12
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Thumbs up torrenttrader True site
This is not true TorrentTrader site hxxps:// So lets get things straight this is True TorrentTracder site NOT A WANT TO BE CODERS LIKE YOUR SELF with that said Member go to the True site not the want to be coders site aka icewarrior the member who is on here And set want to be coders to admin...

with the true site

You get whats on the tin Not crap from xyz
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Old 18th January 2020, 21:40
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Old 19th January 2020, 12:32
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The admin on are no longer around and no one really posts on there anymore. is pretty active with some great members on who work together to move it forward, there is no reason why people cant try both and see for themselves
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Old 19th January 2020, 21:56
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Originally Posted by M-jay View Post
The admin on are no longer around ...
You are right, M-jay, UFFENO1 is pretty quiet on long time, I hope he is well and another forum is first aid for help about TT script

Regards guys
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Old 20th January 2020, 00:44
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Napon just some type 3 diabetes fat fuck in his 50s who has nothing better to do beside shit post on the forum, only if this site had an way to put the fucking cunt on ignore it would be great.
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Old 22nd January 2020, 19:42
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illiterate boy is back at it again I see. Nobody cares what you think about the XYZ site napon. Your opinion means less than nothing, nobody gives a shit. At least the members are contributing in some way when they can, not just sitting there criticizing others for no reason like a 10 year old PUBG player, and yes, you are completely illiterate. Im not even sure you understand anything I just sir, are a complete moron, but we do have fun laughing at your expense
More torrenttrader mods at

Last edited by MicroMonkey; 22nd January 2020 at 22:08.
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