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Old 22nd October 2013, 21:31
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Originally Posted by Krypto View Post
Instead of members creating another site why not do as GameMaster says and just utilize what we already have in place here and add the Mods/Themes here?

I fail to see the point in creating another forum that is basically just a copy of what we have here ie, contains various source codes etc...

That's because no one has even attempted to re-post the lost items that were available on TBDev to make them available to everyone here.

Let's make use of what we already have in place here instead of members creating multiple forums.
Let's make use of what we already have in place here instead of members creating multiple forums.
Correct,the more centralized everyone is! The more heads will get together.
No point looking for a solution with a sole individual. If they hold all the cards you're stuffed,when they decide enoughs,enough and they know longer support the source, your out on a limb.

Personally I'll stick with btmanager, simply because the source is updated and well supported.

@Clauu I don't really see the benefit of re-writing something from the ground up based on another source..It's your source not TBDev's..What these guys are asking for is support for TBDev and as said there's enough room here for that without other forums being created..
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Old 1st January 2014, 23:58
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there is one site running

idk if its for tbdev or what cause i didnt signup on it
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Old 2nd January 2014, 13:12
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it's just an invite type for multiple trackers.
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tbdev , tbdevnet

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