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Old 10th September 2020, 11:01
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Originally Posted by Fynnon View Post
even so, we have a good bunch of people here that we can go forward with.
First. This is true! I am one of them. Even tho the site is dead and has been for a while, i still firmly believe we can get things rolling again - so coming up with new ideas for adding new and additional features to the site is actually not a bad idea. I mean. Not only to keep it interested for those still around, but also to expand the horizon a little bit for the user-base perhaps.

Secondly. My offers are simple (well, kinda...). Since most of us are coders, programmers, designers, etc. Why not expand the "SCRIPT WORLD" a little by adding other stuff/categories etc? Like a "coding forum"? Almost like the forum of "". They have a forum where people can ask for help in forum sections like "PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, FLASH, C#, etc". So in other words, expand our forum to Coders/Programmers and Designers alike? Just to get things pushing a little bit further down the line i think this is a good start.

The ones i am thinking of adding for now, are as follows:

- HTML (sub-cats are: HTML5, XHTML)
- CSS / CSS3
- PHP (sub-cats are: PHP-5, PHP-6.... categories divided by PHP version online etc...)
- C (sub-cats are: C#, C++)
- FLASH (sub-cats are: Action Script)
- JavaScript (sub-cats are: JavaScript, jQuery, other Javascript Libraries?)
- Web Servers (this one in general could be nice to have in my opinion!)
- SQL (sub-cats are: MySQL, MySQLI)
- Databases (sub-cats are: PhpMyAdmin, PostreDB... etc...)

And i'm sure there are MANY more! But these are just a few ideas... for further details, just PM me and i can provide a bigger list if wanted - but just a hint. The current ones are just samples based off W3Schools Forums.

Also, while adding new categories, i have other ideas to improve the place just a little bit. For example, i know we are running a kinda........ how would you put it............ outdated script and design? How about polishing a little? I have been playing around with a few ideas for a forum at the moment - only forums for now tho - ChatBox coming soon, my own script, new Responsive Designs etc... i can share some pictures if u guys are interested!

But for now, that is my ideas. We could potentially, just to keep it in-line with what we already knows (i mean... we are media pirates after all...) - consider some sort of Media platform/support place where people need help for media relations (ripping, how to edit movies in After Effects, tutorial spot, etc!)

And of course same goes for music softwares.... i mean... could be pretty nice and i believe with the right categories etc and a forum design polishing, we could for sure attract a bigger crowd for not only programmers, but musicians and media people alike.

But, to keep it short. That is it for now :)
-> PM me if more ideas needed :P


For all those ppl that dont like this place because of ppl raging for code and stuff like this - sure the admins have their reasons for not banning them. They are like cargroaces. When u ban them - they make a new mail, a new IP etc, and done. All signed up again. So keep them around where they can have a leash at least ;)

Also, why promote them? Ignore the "shizzle" out of them. Dont comment to them - they dont deserve your time. Focus on making the site's rep better or at least for the future - i personally still like this place. Mostly for its code, for sure! But still, i think it can be so much more still till this very day. Been running for many years and hope that it still will. So focus on making it better. Check my post here. I dont mention the "crackers that frackers" the website ;) Not worth my time. Good day so far ahead, and hoping you will all help out instead of focussing what has happened ;)

And remember. If you have trouble with a member. Ask an Admin and give as much details as possible so that they can take care of the problem - and just go to the user that you have the problem with and block him. Done :)
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Old 9th October 2020, 05:14
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Beautifully worded K1D! Can we get a p2p encoders section any chance? aXXo 700mb DVD-RIP
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