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Default Source installation + modifications

Hello, I offer installation of tracker sources. Payments are only by paypal, and must be received prior to installation (you can easily dispute payments to get a refund, but I can't easily un-install a source).

Stock installations :
Gazelle RC1: You probably don't want this (buggy, less features), but I offer it anyway for $20.
Gazelle RC2: $30 (includes installing dependent software like sphinx).
TBDev 2009: $20
All sources can be installed, the above are just the most common. PM me if you want a different stock source installation and I'll respond with a price + add it here.

IRC Installations :
Currently only unrealircd+anope is available*: $10
*meaning these are the ones I chose to use. I'm willing to wing it and try installing others for free though, without any promised results.

Custom installations :
Based on time per hour. Initial payment is equal to stock source installation, post-install payment may be required based on extra time spent (if any). Cost is based on time spent, per quarter hour.

Modifications :
I install pre-made mods (ie those found on forums) as well as create custom ones. Cost is based on time spent, per quarter hour. Extensive custom mods are currently only available for Gazelle.
I don't simply copy and paste mods, if that's all you want do it yourself - All pre-made mods are: rigorously tested regardless of claimed results, security hardened, stylistically fitted to the rest of the source coding style (if applicable), performance optimized, and generally made better to the extent that they sometimes appear to be custom mods.

PM for specifics / etc
IM is not available - bvlist PM/email only. IRC "appointments" also available, depending on timezones.

Note: I am _not_ selling tracker/mod source code. You are paying for the service of my time and experience, nothing else. All code, even custom mods, are free (though obviously custom mods won't exist unless time and experience is used...).

Note: Prices subject to change, however changes are not retroactive. Meaning if we agree on a price and work starts, what we agreed on is what you will pay regardless of whether prices change here.

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I installed Mail Server - Postfix (MTA) with Dovecot IMAP/POP3 + Sasl Authentication and Squirrelmail on a debian vps(many thanks to Phogo)
but it doesnt work for me( cause when I register on my tracker,I didnot get the confirm email)

so how much is this:
fix the mail server+add some mods on my tracker( tbdev 2009 based)

btw,you dont need to write the mods yourself,I got them on you must make sure the mods you added works for me

so how much is that plz?
PLEASE DO NOT cheat me any more,PLEASE!!!

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I have responded to your PM
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installation , modifications , source

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