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Old 29th June 2021, 09:15
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Default An update for Transfer users to BTMANAGER?
Is there an update to this code too?
PHP Code:

# Table Names
$old_tableprefix "users"// Old table name
$new_tableprefix "div_users"//New Table Name

$query $db->sql_query("SELECT id, username, email, added, secret, passhash, uploaded, downloaded, gender, status FROM {$old_tableprefix}") or sqlerr(__FILE__,__LINE__);

OpenTable("User Import");
"I will try to update user table --> ";
while (
$olduser $db->sql_fetchrow($query))
$id $olduser['id'];
$username $olduser['username'];
$email $olduser['email'];
$added $olduser['added'];
$uploaded $olduser['uploaded'];
$downloaded $olduser['downloaded'];
$tempass RandomAlpha(8)
$act_key RandomAlpha(32);
$status = ($olduser['status']=="confirmed")? :0;
                                                                                        do {
$passkey ", '".RandomAlpha(32)."'";
//Check whether passkey already exists
$sqll "SELECT passkey FROM ".$new_tableprefix." WHERE passkey = '".$passkey."';";
$resl mysql_query($sqll)OR print("error");
$cnt = @mysql_num_rows($sqll);
                                                                                        } while (
$cnt 0);
$passkeyrow ', passkey';
$passkeyrow NULL;
$passkey NULL;

$sqlnew "INSERT INTO ".$new_tableprefix." (id,username,clean_username,email,regdate,password,act_key,uploaded,downloaded,active".$passkeyrow.")
$id', '$username', '".strtolower($username)."', '$email', '$added', '$tempass', '$act_key', '$uploaded', '$downloaded', '$status$passkey)";
$gonew $db->sql_query($sqlnew);
$gonew)echo "<br>Error:<br>Not able to creat ".$username." Maybe a duplicate Intry<br>";

"Done..<br><br>Total {$count} users has been updaded...<br>Note: All users should recover their password...";
And do we really need to transfer the ID aswell ?
Being AUTO INCREMENT can't this get a new ID automatically?
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Old 4th July 2021, 12:26
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I had started one but its not completed.
the reason ID was copied was to match uploads comments and forum posts
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