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Old 10th October 2010, 21:21
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Exclamation Official Press Release - Replacement site.
The History Behind.
Its a well known fact, that Coldfusion for some reason has "left"
There is alot of unanswered questions to which we cannot find answers of, what has happened and what is going to happen when the domain has to be renewed? will die? What about all posts, modifications, styles etcc...? Will Tbdev slowly disappear from the torrenting community or can we progressively make tbdev to what it once was.
It is time to step forward and do something to keep this great torrent source alive. There is simply to many torrent sites out there that is based on "" and we the admins, moderators and the community itself to bring forth back Tbdev to its former glory, in order for users to benefit the support they require.

Who we are.
We are a community that is substantially bringing Tbdev back to its original form with or without our top admin who has disappeared "ColdFusion".
We are offering each and everyone from the original staff, to come and join us and get the same class at the new board.

What we want from you
To save Tbdev sourcecode and the support forum, we need all or as many mods as possible.
So if your an active mods/style provider, we will be glad to see you move your mods over to us in order to save them, and keeping a high level at supports and mods.
If we do not success in this, we will hire a person to move the mods for us. And yes all coders will get the right credit. We do not wont to steal anything from anyone, just save tbdev sourcecode. So if you dont want your mods to be moved, please let us know.
If you aint a provider but just an active member with more than 200 posts we are offering you that you can get the same class and amount of posts on the replacement site. Simply by following the instructions in this board:

Tbsource is welcome
We are know opening for users of "tbsource" Thats means that the sources marked "tbsource" have there own forums for request, support, mods and style. We have no idea how many there is out there still using the old sources. But we really want it all to survive.

Site wars - New and Old
We have absolute NO interest what so ever in starting a war against any sites. So all the past wars tbdev had with sites like "bvlist" is NOT moved over here. We do want a peaceful community where the power is used on developing and supporting one of the best if not the best tracker sourcecode ever made. If any sites want us for something or have questions, please feel free to contact our site administrators.

Finally and last
If Coldfusion ever gets back, he is more than welcome. We have a Administrator position ready for him.

You can find us right here: - Lifetime free signup.

Regards: Staff.

NB! This is our opinion and not we just want to make sure tbdev stays alive, nothing else.
Regards KiD

ThemeFactory - Tracker Related Skins, Graphic & Support
Visit us here:

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Phogo (11th October 2010)
Old 12th October 2010, 12:14
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Its not such a great start if you dont know the name of the source code which your trying to claim a forum replacement for is it lol

Tbdev has been running for how many years now and you think its going to end because coldfusion hasnt been around for a while lol

He's prob taking time out or even living a life away from the computer which does a whole lot of good but some people expect to much from a team these days and if the staff that are currently there cant run the place then im sure it will run itself through member support like it always has !

Its great having other places to look at but i dont see a point in why anybody should feel the need to waste there time posting mods from tbdev to that forum as its not like theres going to be thousands of users flooding in from tbdev to see a archive of mods thats already on tbdev do you lol

OPEN YOUR EYES GUYS ... stop wasting time and use your time on something original which you have created yourself and not from something thats already build on a strong community thats clearly not going anywhere lol.
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daffy (12th October 2010)
Old 12th October 2010, 19:03
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whois to say it ain't gonna die? :unknown: the admin hasn't been seen for many months, the donations thread that is stated as being for server costs has unanswered/unverified donation posts for many months, the sourcecode remains insecure and unpatched for known security fixes since noone else has access to it.

The My Tracker section was totally removed by the admin before he left, with little warning.
He said he had intentions to remove other old 'useless' legacy threads... so even if site server doesn't die and the db isn't left to him alone, i think for posterity sake alone would be great to save all the useful old posts and threads.

Just as his actions said the sourcecode was his alone to manage and control ( he has made it also known that he feels that all posts and content posted to is the property of and the authors and a privilege and not a right.

I have almost 2000 posts there and i give anyone permission to archive them anywhere they so wish, just as long this is done with integrity and is ethical.
example: leaving any credits in place, not taking credit for others work/posts. links back to original forums/threads

Anyone is also free to edit any mods i have made any way they so wish and use it for whatever purpose they so wish as long as it remains licensed as gpl and any credits remain in the code/posts if it is to be shared with others.

It is fact that the admin does indeed 'own' all the content at tbdev as he is the one who has the sql database backups, but the content found on the site itself is also the intellectual property of the authors and also falls under gpl licensing very easily as the sourcecode thats the modifications are based off of is gpl. (which basically means that anyone can use, modify, share and re-distribute the code)

I'm not on KiDs new site but i respect him trying to save something that can quite possibly be lost. I am banned from and have no access to any of my posts or threads so feel free to archive anything i've posted with my total permissions.
tbdev.nets forums (IPB) has option to save entire threads as html as well. :)

*note: there are many posts at tbdev that are from tbsource site so they have done the same thing, archive other forums posts before it died.



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daffy (12th October 2010), hoysey (7th April 2011)
Old 17th October 2012, 09:45
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Just thought id try and check out tbdev today to see how its going to find its not active. Google obviously sent me here.

I remember you PDQ from the tbdev days posting lots of mods etc. Does anyone have bodhitsavas email? I remember they contributed alot too. I contributed a couple of minor mods and bug fixes in the early days but R/L took over after a few sites i helped setup just stopped operating due to a serious abusive feud between staff members/other sites. RiP Janiatorworld, I miss you still to this day :(((

I have a full site rip somewhere of tbdev from a few years ago but due to the fact i have a BIG ROM archive it will take me sometime to dig out all the mods. I have time booked off work in two weeks so i will try and find it and upload it somewhere for people to have a look at if its needed. /peace
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