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Old 11th October 2016, 10:47
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OK to answer your reply to me regarding the sql_query function.

I never said you used one of Bigjoos old U232 versions for your code.
The sql_query function I posted from U232 V2 will work on a code regardless of whether it uses memcach or not.
End of the day it is a simple replacement function.

I never said to use FreeTSP code, I just showed you that we had used the sql_query function from U232.
And guess what ??
FreeTSP does not use memcach !!! ( so it does work with a standard code - that throws your argument out of the window ).

If you look at the sql_query function from your code.
And compare it to the one from U232 V2.

It is 100% identical, word for word, symbol for symbol.
It is a direct copy.

The chances of you coding your own sql_query function.
And it been 100% identical to the U232 V2 sql_query function.
The odds would be impossible to calculate.

But instead of you manning up and admitting it is a copy, after my last post proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
You try to distract the comparison of the 2 codes.
By posting a train wreck of total gibberish.

You say you want to be taken seriously and be shown some respect on these forums.
Then it is time you did the same thing.

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Originally Posted by DND View Post
@Napon realize that sql = mysql ? its just called sql because it is easier
2. sql_query as it is in u-232, and you ripped the code from there, it is used because they made a function called sql_query which does what mysqli is supposed to do and also because they have another function that show some stats used by mysql server
instead of mysqli_query they have sql_query just because of that function

PHP Code:
function mysql_fetch_all($query$default_value = Array())                       {                           $r = @sql_query($query);                           $result = Array();                           if ($err = ((is_object($GLOBALS["___mysqli_ston"])) ? mysqli_error($GLOBALS["___mysqli_ston"]) : (($___mysqli_res mysqli_connect_error()) ? $___mysqli_res false)))return $err;                           if (@mysqli_num_rows($r))                               while ($row mysqli_fetch_array($r))$result[] = $row;                           if (count($result) == 0)                               return $default_value;                           return $result;                       } 
PHP Code:
function sql_query($query)                       {                           global $query_stat;                           $query_start_time microtime(true); // Start time                           $result = mysqli_query($GLOBALS["___mysqli_ston"], $query);                           $query_end_time = microtime(true); // End time                           $querytime = ($query_end_time - $query_start_time);                           $query_stat[] = array(                               'seconds' => number_format($query_end_time - $query_start_time, 6) ,                               'query' => $query                           );                           return $result;                       } 

Mysqli is not such a huge thing, i dunno what ya keep blabbering about. There are a lot of converters which will convert simple mysql code into mysqli
If you want to blabber about something just do what joeroberts and I did which is to use PDO
I dont care, really, about anything you do, but at least make it right
Welcome to Plutonium Support. Kick Ya Feet Up!, rElax
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Old 2nd July 2022, 09:16
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Originally Posted by fireknight View Post
I have to agree with DND
It is a direct copy.

Just like FreeTSP V1.0.
That is a direct copy from U232 V2 code.

Napon's My Modded TBDev

function sql_query($query) {
    global $queries, $q, $querytime, $query_stat;
           $q = isset($q) && is_array($q) ? $q : array();
           $q['query_stat']= isset($q['query_stat']) && is_array($q['query_stat']) ? $q['query_stat'] : array();
           $query_start_time  = microtime(true); // Start time
           $result = mysql_query($query);
           $query_end_time  = microtime(true); // End time
           $query_time   = ($query_end_time - $query_start_time);
           $querytime = $querytime + $query_time;
           $q['querytime']  = (isset($q['querytime']) ? $q['querytime'] : 0) + $query_time;
           $query_time  = substr($query_time, 0, 8);
           $q['query_stat'][] = array('seconds' => $query_time, 'query' => $query);
    return $result;
U232 V2

function sql_query($query) {
    global $queries, $q, $querytime, $query_stat;
      $q = isset($q) && is_array($q) ? $q : array();
      $q['query_stat']= isset($q['query_stat']) && is_array($q['query_stat']) ? $q['query_stat'] : array();
    $query_start_time  = microtime(true); // Start time
    $result            = mysql_query($query);
    $query_end_time    = microtime(true); // End time
    $query_time        = ($query_end_time - $query_start_time);
    $querytime = $querytime + $query_time;
    $q['querytime']    = (isset($q['querytime']) ? $q['querytime'] : 0) + $query_time;
    $query_time        = substr($query_time, 0, 8);
    $q['query_stat'][] = array('seconds' => $query_time, 'query' => $query);
    return $result;
FTSP( copied U232 code )
function sql_query ($querytme)
    global $queries, $qtme, $querytime, $query_stat;

    $qtme               = isset($qtme) && is_array($qtme) ? $qtme : array();
    $qtme['query_stat'] = isset($qtme['query_stat']) && is_array($qtme['query_stat']) ? $qtme['query_stat'] : array();

    $query_start_time     = microtime(true); //-- Start Time --//
    $result               = mysql_query($querytme);
    $query_end_time       = microtime(true); //-- End Time --//
    $query_time           = ($query_end_time - $query_start_time);
    $querytime            = $querytime + $query_time;
    $qtme['querytime']    = (isset($qtme['querytime']) ? $qtme['querytime'] : 0) + $query_time;
    $query_time           = substr($query_time, 0, 8);
    $qtme['query_stat'][] = array('seconds' => $query_time,
                                  'query'   => $querytme);
    return $result;
LoLi v4.1:
function sql_query($query, $detect = true){
if($detect == true){detect_sqlinjection($query);}
global $queries, $query_stat, $querytime;
$queries++;$query_start_time = timer();
$result = mysql_query($query);$query_end_time = timer();
$query_time = ($query_end_time - $query_start_time);
$querytime = $querytime + $query_time;
$query_stat[] = array("seconds" => $query_time, "query" => $query);
return $result;}
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