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Default Passkey Not Found Error
I have passkey not found error in torrent client

My ocelot config.cpp and my config.php

Can somebody tell where is the problem


// Internal stuff
add("listen_port", 34000u);
add("max_connections", 1024u);
add("max_middlemen", 20000u);
add("max_read_buffer", 4096u);
add("connection_timeout", 10u);
add("keepalive_timeout", 0u);

// Tracker requests
add("announce_interval", 1800u);
add("max_request_size", 4096u);
add("numwant_limit", 50u);
add("request_log_size", 500u);

// Timers
add("del_reason_lifetime", 86400u);
add("peers_timeout", 7200u);
add("reap_peers_interval", 1800u);
add("schedule_interval", 3u);

// MySQL
add("mysql_db", "gazelle");
add("mysql_host", "localhost");
add("mysql_username", "root");
add("mysql_password", "asdasdassvdsffds");

// Site communication
add("site_host", "");
add("site_path", "/var/www");
add("site_password", "askjsadlfdksdhpewndlatyqwjweopwe");
add("report_password", "askjsadlfdksdhpewndlatyqwjweopwe");

site_host need to be localhost or server ip ,also the path is good ?
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