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Old 16-02-09, 14:37
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Default TS 5.1 Announcement Problem

I am having problem with my Announcement, after i have uploaded the torrent and redownloaded it is shows my new announcement with the passkey at the back but when a user downloads the torrent, it shows "Tracker sending invalid data: ."

anyone has any idea whats wrong?

OK after i downloaded the benc.php and replaced it now i cant see any of my torrents it shows "An error has occured!
Not a dictionary!"

Also im using the ts_special_edition_v5_1_(nulled by mrdecoder)_fixed_v2.rar which i download from here:

whats wrong?


OK i reinstalled ts_special_edition_v5_1_(nulled by mrdecoder)_fixed_v2.rar and im getting a ERROR 500, whats wrong? anyone mind tell me if im doing anything wrong?

all i need to do is extract the ts_special_edition_v5_1_(nulled by mrdecoder)_fixed_v2.rar files and uploaded it to my server and go to and thats it right?

Hmm now the ERROR 500 is gone and the " Tracker sending invalid data: ." is back! please help me

oh yea and btw im the uploader and my status shows "working" but all my user who download report the tracker isnt working it shows " Tracker sending invalid data: ."

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Old 17-02-09, 14:40
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mess with tracker settings
what;s the collation of database tables?
UTF-8 is working ok (not great just ok)
Say NO to private tracking
Running TorrentHoster 2.5 on
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Old 10-03-09, 03:21
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Originally Posted by rulebreaker View Post
How do you solved this problem?
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Old 10-03-09, 14:19
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Tracker sending invalid data: .

... ok many other things like banned client detection ... not set-up correctly will give you this message ... but most commonly - if you have the wait slot system enabled and do the following ... to reproduce the error ...

1. generate a new torrent ans start to seed it ...
2. create a new dummy user account - make sure that its a USER level account ...
3. log-in as the new user - and download the new torrent you just created ...
4. you should get the - Tracker sending invalid data: . - error reported in your bit-torrent client (use utorrent 1.7.7 or lower - it reports this error very clearly - 1.8.x also fails - but does not display the error message)

OK ... now you can see what happens - your users at the basic USER level will NOT be able to download the new torrent - for how long ... er... we don't know yet have not sat around and checked (perhaps one of you guys could do the full testing here) ...

... however is you do the testing as sysop or anything above a VIP - you will NOT get any errors - all will work fine!

... just a little warning ... that you should be aware ...

... to simply make it work for every user level ... disable the wait slot system ... in the control panel ... in the main settings section ... you will see the 10th item ...
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Old 07-10-09, 00:49
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try this ?
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