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Default What is phpMyBitTorrent
phpMyBitTorrent is the brand new Open Source solution for BitTorrent communities! phpMyBitTorrent is not just a simple tracker like the ones you see around. It has so many amazing features that it cannot be called simply a "Tracker". In fact, it is a BMS (Bittorrent Management System), something like a BitTorrent-oriented Content Management System.

Some points to convince you of phpMyBitTorrent's supremacy:

phpMyBitTorrent is Free Software!
phpMyBitTorrent is Open Source Software, distributed under the GNU/GPL license. This means that the code is open for scrutiny by anyone, and anybody can join in the development effort. phpMyBitTorrent is easy!
phpMyBitTorrent is provided with full documentation to help you install it step by step in no time, even if you've never heard of PHP/MySQL.
When you start phpMyBitTorrent, you'll discover help system based on OverLib and image-popups. Just point the mouse over the "Info" icon and read what the item in question is about, and how to use it.

phpMyBitTorrent is up-to-date!
phpMyBitTorrent supports all the latest BitTorrent Protocol Extensions, including Compact Announce, MultiScrape, DHT, Peer Count, Tracker ID, Unique Peer ID, Backup Tracker, etc.

phpMyBitTorrent is not only BitTorrent!
There are many ways other than BitTorrent to share your files. GNutella, Direct Connect, eDonkey are some of them. ed2k and Magnet URIs are automatically generated for all files in a torrent, and are presented as alternate Links. You can also allow users to submit Magnet and ed2k links without a torrent.

phpMyBitTorrent has low requirements!
All you need is some webspace with PHP and a MySQL database to start building your File-Sharing Community.

phpMyBitTorrent is secure!
Stop leechers from downloading more than their share! Choose who can download your files and who can't. See who is downloading your Torrent and who is helping you share it. Define rules to avoid annoyance by Download Requests. Choose friends and foes. Keep your anonymity. And that's just the tip of the iceberg
add a password to your torrent download so only people you know can get the files
No one well see your torrent in the torrent lest(admins over ride) so they
well not be able to just browse them
They would even need the password to view the details.
Set a ratio on your torrents so no one with a low ratio can get them.

phpMyBitTorrent is easy on the eye!
You can choose your personal theme that reflects your style, choose your avatar displayed next to comments you make ..
we Have over 16 themes are growing.
We use a theme system so you can make your site look how you want it to
and not like everyone else.

phpMyBitTorrent is fast!
phpMyBitTorrent uses the minimum number of code lines required to do all the amazing things it does. Memory usage is low because every single variable is deleted when not needed any more.

phpMyBitTorrent is easy to m0d!
If you know some PHP, you will find incredibly easy to add new features to phpMyBitTorrent. Just include the header and footer pages at the beginning and end of your script, and you'll be able to access all phpMyBitTorrent incredible code layer with basic functions for theming, database access and Torrent encoding.

phpMyBitTorrent comes with the latest m0ds!
We have installed all the latest mods on our tracker so there well be no need
to go out looking for new modds to add every mod in phpMyBitTorrent can be
controled from the admin section you can even turn them all off if you wish.
Do not ask me to help you work on your site that is not phpMyBitTorrent
Do not ask me to make a mod for any other source
Do not Ask me to setup your site.
I will no longer help you setup your site, there is a setup script if you have trouble with it post in the forum here or in BT.Managerô forum
My Current Demo is here

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