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Default Memcache problem... or php code?

I attached a picture. My ID is the number 5. Why does memcache delete data from memory?

Click the image to open in full size.

PHP Code:
if (($user $mc1->get_value('user' $id)) === false
$user_fields_ar_float = array('u.time_offset','u.total_donated');

$user_fields_ar_int = array('','u.class','u.torrentsperpage','u.invites','u.invited_by','u.topicsperpage','u.postsperpage','u.last_browse','u.advent','u.login','u.added','u.last_login',

'count(DISTINCT AS comments',
'count(DISTINCT AS forumpost',                        

$user_fields_ar_str = array('u.username','u.passhash','u.secret','u.editsecret','','u.status','u.privacy','u.theme','u.acceptpms','u.ip','u.avatar','u.notifs','u.enabled','u.avatars','u.donor',
$user_fields implode(', 'array_merge($user_fields_ar_int$user_fields_ar_float$user_fields_ar_str));  
$r sql_query("SELECT $user_fields FROM users u 
                  LEFT JOIN comments comm ON ( = comm.user) 
                  LEFT JOIN posts ON ( = posts.userid) 
                  LEFT JOIN peers p ON ( = p.userid) 
                  WHERE = "
.sqlesc($id)) OR sqlerr(__FILE____LINE__);
$user mysqli_fetch_assoc($r) OR stderr("Hiba""Nincs felhasználó a megadott ID-vel.""danger");

  foreach (
$user_fields_ar_int as $i$user[$i] = (int)$user[$i];
  foreach (
$user_fields_ar_float as $i$user[$i] = (float)$user[$i];
  foreach (
$user_fields_ar_str as $i$user[$i] = $user[$i];
$mc1->cache_value('user' $id$user$INSTALLER09['expires']['user_cache']);

A $INSTALLER09['expires']['user_cache'] is set in the config file.

When it expires in 30 days ... It's in it first. No more for next search.

Thank You!
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