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Default BT.Manager is now in RC2
Hi all,

BT.Manager is now in RC2 (Stable Release2). Joe has finished the final bits today and Ive been testing it with Joe, most if not all the kinks have been resolved.The tracker is running super fast and smooth.

Take note: Ive been testing BT.Manager with errors turned on and its running perfectly.

Here are some of the features.


  • Easy to install.
  • Clean and easy to navigate UI (User interface)
  • On the fly Language and theme change.
  • Fully modded shoutbox ( with tones of features)
Upload Features

  • Ability to upload Magnet.
  • Advanced open tracker(DHT) system
  • Up to date IMDB mod
  • Ability to upload screens.
  • Check for Similar Torrents.
  • Shout new upload On/Off
  • Can sticky torrent.
  • Set torrent to help built users ratio.
  • Ability to password protect a torrent.
  • Can set if your name will show as the owner of the torrent.
  • Notify user via email.

  • Totally rewritten forum(Based on MyBB)
  • Easy to manage forum admin.
  • Simple system to add groups
  • Quick access to give staff permissions to users.
  • Able to assign roles.
  • Can Disable BBcode in forum.
  • Can Disable Smiles in forum.
  • Attach a signature (signatures can be altered via the UCP) in forum
  • Post topic as: Normal Sticky Announce Global in forum.
  • Advanced polling options in forums.

Subscription features
  • Watched torrents(subscribe to any torrents.)
  • Watched forums(subscribe to any forums.)
  • Watched topics(subscribe to any topics.)


  • Accept E-mail by Other Users:
  • Accept pm notification:
  • Administrators can e-mail me information:
  • Allow users to send you private messages:
  • Hide my online status:
  • Pop up window on new private message:
  • Torrents Perpage:
  • My language:
  • My board style:
  • My timezone:
  • My Country:
  • Use Passkey:
  • Reset Passkey:

Admin Panel


  • PayPal E-Mail:
  • Donation Block:
  • Donations Goal:
  • Donations Collected:
  • Donations Page:

Site Settings

  • Site URL:
  • Site Name:
  • Cookie Domain:
  • Cookie Path:
    Administrator E-Mail:
  • Site Default Time Zone:
    Default Language:
  • Theme:
  • Site News:
  • SearchRewrite:
  • Torrents per page:
  • Private Tracker Mod
  • Disclaimer
  • Captcha Test
  • reCAPTCHA Public key
  • reCAPTCHA Private key
  • Use SSL for reCAPTCHA:
  • Invite system:
  • Max allowed Members:
  • Auto Clean Timer:

Tracking Settings

  • Use HTML Editor:
  • Torrent Prefix:
  • Search Only:
  • Autoscrape Interval:
  • Tracker access level:

User Settings

  • Give Upload on signup:
  • Force E-mail comfermation:
  • Global Minimum Ratio:
  • Minimum seed number for new downloads:
  • Minimum Torrent size for upload:
  • Free Torrent Down Loads:
  • Add Wait Time:
  • You must remember
  • For Member With Uploads (IN GIGS) less then:
  • For Member With a ratio less then:
  • Must Wait for this many hours:

Upload Settings

  • Maximum Torrent Size:
  • Announce Update Interval:
  • Minimum Announce Update Interval:
  • Dead Torrent Interval:
  • Minimum votes:
  • Best Torrent Peer Limit:
  • Dead Torrent Peer Limit:
  • Torrent Complaints:
  • Torrent Authorizations:
  • Upload access level:
  • Download access level:
  • Maximum Torrent file number:
  • Maximum Torrent Share Size:
  • Make all locale Torrents Private:

External Torrent Settings

  • External Torrent Monitoring:
  • Allow 'dead' External Torrents:
  • Backup Tracker:
  • Disable Local Tracker:

Torrent MISC

  • Torrent Clinic
  • Massive Upload
  • Ban torrent Client
  • Black external Tracker
  • Keyword Filter
  • Edit categories
  • Custom BB code system
  • Emoticon Center

Shoutbox Config

  • Shout Box Announcement :
  • Announce New Users :
  • Announce New Torrents :
  • Announce New Porn Torrents :
  • Turn on Shoutbox :
  • Shoutbox refresh rate :
  • Idle time:
  • Shouts To Show :
  • Allow the use of BBcode in shouts :
  • Allow Links In Shouts :
  • Auto Delete :
  • Can edit Shouts :
  • Can Delete Shouts :

  • Allow BitBucket:
  • BitBucket Access Level:
  • Max Size Of User Folder:
  • Max Allowed Size of Image:
  • Set the max size of a image a user can
  • upload in Bytes!

For more info you can


Contact Joe on Skype:

Or contact Joe on BVLIST:


Due to free time I'm able to help interested member's
with their tracker.

Please Note!
Depending on your requests I will charge you for my assistance for Tracker installs and mods.
All my mods are custom and prices will very depending on the request.

I'm able to install any tracker and mods including themes.

Please PM me here! for more info!

Kind Regards Firefly

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RC2 Is going to be the Final testing stage of this Release Which means that We well
Be working on new themes and Mods for it now.



only theme on the demo site that is complete is the BitFarm and Reborn

If you change your theme to anything else and you find your self not able to get anywhere semply clear your browser cookies of bttheme.
Do not ask me to help you work on your site that is not phpMyBitTorrent
Do not ask me to make a mod for any other source
Do not Ask me to setup your site.
I will no longer help you setup your site, there is a setup script if you have trouble with it post in the forum here or in BT.Managerô forum
My Current Demo is here

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