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View Poll Results: When did you start Torrenting
2001-2003 89 29.57%
2004-2006 77 25.58%
2007-2008 45 14.95%
2009-2011 45 14.95%
2012-201* 26 8.64%
What's A torrent? 19 6.31%
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Old 12-10-13, 16:03
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Default First Torrent Experience
Just curious when people's first Torrenting Experience was, mainly at when you first thought or actually planned to make a site of your own, not been all hardcore and downloading Ubuntu off Linuxtracker.

Bump: Im gonna start off by, i was a noob.. around November 06.
Started my first Site ( and worked my way up from there, from getting my first takedown request 10 days after opening my site. To been part of the Mass Exodus from LeaseWeb in November 2007.
To making a Shitload of money, to losing it all and getting knocks at my door from the Local police from Complaints...
After a few years break, created my own script (using a few BTManager Functions) and made a Magnet Link site with Auto Crawlers. etc, and got a Takedown Request within 3 days. and within a month i recieved 744 Takedown Requests in ONE Day.

Needless to say, torrents aren't for everybody.. i make sites as a bit of fun and help out where i can...

I am a self tought coder, and used to be a Dev of TorrentTrader (wayyyy back..)
now i don't even understand most of it lol..
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Old 12-10-13, 19:51
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I am started at 2005 - 2006 i used about 3 years btit and after i goes to ts1.3.9 and upgraded constantly now i am at 5.6
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Old 12-10-13, 20:13
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Well I started about three days ago..And basically still reading,the backend tracker (private) is the one that confuses me and I'm just not sure which to use for that.I'm not stupid as such but it is all new to me.

Having run forums for the passed 10 years,this for me is just an hobby,but I'm enjoying it..
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Old 26-10-13, 17:01
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Default reply
3 in the daytime which you has to begin still? And you has to administer forums? Think you not whom before throwing to you it would be necessary that you understands the functions of bases??
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Old 02-11-13, 02:43
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Old 23-11-13, 10:32
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Default back in the dark ages...
I started back when there was no torrenting or trackers, it was all done through ftp or bbs, The only "scene" group was the russian group DOD, "Drink Or Die" before they started getting busted and ran off to other countries. I was an upload courior for a ftp group back in the day. I downloaded my first file to do some programing (GW BASIC) from a bbs operator that was a designer for disney world, his searchlight bbs was so sharp considering you could only use ASCII code then. I was staff at funfiles, I have owned a couple sites, I been staff at a couple sites that even got busted. I have been part of sites where we had over 120,000 users, and have met some amazing coders, and staff along the way. I have met some really great coders here, most are in hiding now to escape the n00b apocalypse, but its nice to see them poke their head out once in a while. I first got into torrents with a Bulgarian site owner with a hardon for America TV shows, really nice guy, we had a staff that went on to be staff at demonoid, and we all left when the owner got his door kicked in and computer taken by whatever they have for police over there. I was a mod, admin and sysop there. After that I went to funfiles where I was asked to be staff, I spent 2 days as a admin then made a sysop there in funfile's hey day. Met and worked with two of the best coders I ever saw there, Ghostdancer was the supreme coder, nothing he couldn't do on a site or a server. ANd he was the one that inspired me to learn to code.
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Old 26-07-14, 21:00
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I started around 2006. My friend introduced me to this amazing world. You know we were having coffee in one fine evening, and i was just complaining about buying movies and stuff. I was a student back then, and it really was not possible to buy each and every movie. He's like ... why the hell you need to buy when you can download it for free?, i was like can you even download? he was like sure, why no? Thats how it all started.

But think about it guys, the torrenting world has changed a lot, hasn't it .. over the past few years? I still remember crying - lol - when mininova went legit. I stopped using mininova long before - i've already migrated to private trackers you see - but nevertheless sad to see a legend go down.
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Old 30-07-14, 01:19
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Smile 2006
I started around 2006 torrenting i used to use piratebay and mininova and use to get very frustrated that the best releases on mininova had a little red P on them. This of course defined it was a private tracker, one day i joined one and loved it was a member for 2 years and decided to make my own in 2008 called "Strikey's Torrents" using 2006 tbdev it was a very plain build with no modifications. It took a while to construct and change things to how i liked them but i got there eventually unfortunately i had a lot of personal problems and decided to close it down late 2011 with just over 10,000 members. Biggest mistake i have made BUT i have just made plans to open my second site which will begin shortly.
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Around 2002 i think it was , All started when a group of us was running blackcats games .. It was better back in the day than it is now
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