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Default Torrents - How To !

Attention is where users share files and knowledge for building torrent trackers - websites like thepiratebay

What is a Torrent

- a torrent is a file that holds information about what you are downloading.

What is a Torrents Tracker

- a torrents tracker is a website like thepiratebay where torrents are centralized

What is uTorrent

- uTorrent is one of many softwares available which you need installed on your computer to be able to download files from torrent trackers

How to install a torrents tracker (video tutorials)

- Install Gazelle

- Install A Torrents Tracker On Your PC

- Install of ZenTracker on Windows

There are multiple Torrents tracker engines - among them some 3rd party mods for CMS

Joomla -


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> Some sites only allow certain bittorrent clients so always read site rules before downloading.

> Some sites are very strict and force you to download 1 file per day to keep account active and off the ban list/block list.

> Always scan files before opening a torrent some people are real cunts and add virus or keylogger to the files extensions i know risky downloading .exe files or any .iso files etc.

> Always keep ratio above 1:1 no matter where you enter and always go for freeleech if the sites managers are not tight arses to offer such nice outcomes.

> Always obey staff and don't spam members into going to your site/other sites or else pay the price as some owners are arseholes and will rip your arse apart till your computer bleeds.

> Enjoy 0Day, Enjoy Scene, Enjoy 1080 Blaze it!
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