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View Poll Results: Should we BAN disruptive users like Napon?
Yes. He has a bad influence on the forum 30 71.43%
I don't know - I don't want to get involved 2 4.76%
Just ignore him 10 23.81%
Voters: 42. You may not vote on this poll

Old 24-03-19, 20:50
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Default Should we BAN disruptive users like Napon ?
Usually I ignore people like Napon unless he is posting gibbberish at which point I delete his post and keep ignoring him. But lately I keep getting complaints about this kid's behaviour. It might be that the time to ban him forever has come!

Do you think that he is having a bad influence on the forum and should we BAN him and others like him?


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Old 24-03-19, 21:50
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Of course he has. Everybody is saying this.
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Old 24-03-19, 22:02
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Yes, ban him !

He reply old topics for fun.. he say that he will release x source , never see one !
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Old 24-03-19, 22:11
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oh yes please nob lol and see you on nest acc
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Old 24-03-19, 23:50
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Thumbs down re
yes BAN
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Old 24-03-19, 23:54
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Originally Posted by Napon View Post
oh yes please nob lol and see you on nest acc
At Fyn depends on if he's willing to be productive if he stays he should quit bashing others on here
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z3ro (27-03-19)
Old 25-03-19, 00:33
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Not going to give a vote, because none of the responses really apply...except for maybe the "Just ignore him".
But for those who do ignore, there are those who do not...and it brings absolutely nothing but the drama.
This site is here for a my opinion...and that is for people in the torrenting world of scripts to support each other.
I may be simplifying it, and there are probably other purposes...but it is not here for 'in-fighting'.
Ban him...whatever...he will come back on another account, as says he has several.
Ignore him...and stand the risk of running off people who get tired of the drama, or new people who are turned off from the drama.
Now, the following is directed to Napon...
1. I believe you could have a lot to offer. I think you should provide your nice updates to older, no longer supported scripts. This should be done with no charge.
2. Now, if someone wants a mod to any script, then by all means, as for a reasonable objections with that.
3. You claim to be a superior coder...well, prove it. Create your own script...completely different from all others...give it a totally new name. Provide the basic script free-of-charge. If someone wants a mod, then charge for it...depending on the difficulty and time involved. UNIT3D script is a completely new departure from others...I don't particularly care for it, but that's neither here nor there.
4. Last, and possibly most important...stop bashing others. They are not the 'end-all' to torrent scripts...but guess what...neither are you. Everyone should grow up a little...thicken their skin some. Napon, you do not have to react, or over-react, when someone says something that annoys you. Take the to prove them wrong.
Okay, I've said enough. Rant over. Laterz all.
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papad (25-03-19)
Old 25-03-19, 02:09
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Thumbs down Get rid of him.
I do understand the point off having a site wide vote about members like Napon. The fact is, other members that frequent the site on a daily basis, and the majority have already said this guy should be banned. This question has been answered many times over. In RL people would tell him to get lost. But in a virtual world like we are in, there are always predators like Napon, he is making a joke off bvlist by doing what he can to have a laugh, and by doing so this hinders people from posting or having a friendly chat in shoutbox, not matter which, he belittles them and points out that he is better than everybody. If this was a decade back site staff or owner would make sure that he was gone for this kind of behavior, without having a site poll, to do something that should have been done already with this kid.

It shouldn't matter what he says or how many times he creates a new account, ban them, after awhile he will get tired and get the hint that he isn't welcomed.
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darkalchemy (25-03-19), l3on (25-03-19), z3ro (27-03-19)
Old 25-03-19, 10:19
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@son well said
I do custom coding, source installs, mods, server setup and/or config, etc. Feel free to pitch me your needs and your offer.
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Old 26-03-19, 00:37
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go for it fucking owner bullshit and bann the boys in blue who do fuck all too prick
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