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how do i change status bar and profile bar to one bar and do some one have like this Themes and are some one who can help me to put in mods and Themes for my site

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Ok first of all you'll need to get the statusbar outside of any container and make his width 100%. Then if you want to stick it to the bottom of the page you'll need something like this:

PHP Code:
.statusbar {

As i see the top bar should be already 100% width but its limited by the container.
If you want everything in one bar then put the variables from second bar in the top bar then arrange them as you like.

Probably you're wondering what's a container.
Well it's a class that has a fixed width for example 800px so even if you have an element with 100% width inside of that class, that specific element will remain 800px and will not break the container. Of course not on every site that specific container its named CONTAINER and you'll need to find that class and put your statusbar outside of it.

Of course you'll need to stylize that statusbar a little to look well.
It's actually pretty easy if you know a little bit of CSS.
No programming skills needed btw.

Good luck!

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Looks like the tracker code i coder up for everyone on here to download
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