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Old 17th May 2008, 12:19
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Default BolaMN's Finds on TemplateShares 4.3
How to fix the SE-I Error With out deleting functions!!

PHP Code:
= (!empty ($_SERVER['SERVER_NAME']) ? $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] : (!empty ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] : ''));
$CU str_replace (array ('http://www.''http://''www.'), ''$CU);
$orj_key md5 ('' 'ts_install|' $CU '|done_!4_3!_');
paste that into a php file on your server and run, it will give you a number which then u copy and paste that into "cache/systemcache.dat"

theres a scary looking file in misc/ts_message.php when u break it down all it is doing is combining images and text into a new image for your siteoffline

Broken down version:
PHP Code:

header('Content-Type: image/jpeg');
in announce.php there is a weird string im not sure if it supposed to be in there or not but i will warn you of this just incase

PHP Code:
  if (($passkey AND $passkey == 'tssespecialtorrentv1byxamsep2007'))
err ($l['registerfirst'] . $BASEURL '/signup.php');
thats it for now, i have dexam'd 99% of ts removing all of the "by xam" and "Powered by Templateshares" (bullshit! more like Powered by TBDev) might release it if yous want it but im sure u can all do it your selfs too!
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Old 26th May 2008, 19:21
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Default Re: BolaMN's Finds on TemplateShares 4.3
it would be nice to see the fixed version that you have :)
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Old 9th June 2008, 16:46
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Default Re: BolaMN's Finds on TemplateShares 4.3
  if (($passkey AND $passkey == 'tssespecialtorrentv1byxamsep2007'))
    err ($l['registerfirst'] . $BASEURL . '/signup.php');
this code is in announce so when a torrent is dumped to public site it will give them error saying register first blah blah blah...

hope this helps
I install Site Source for $
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Old 14th February 2009, 02:30
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Originally Posted by daeron View Post
it would be nice to see the fixed version that you have :)
try this
Say NO to private tracking
Running TorrentHoster 2.5 on
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