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Old 30th July 2009, 08:23
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Originally Posted by Coraille View Post
PM me !!! i Have TT
pm I sent it.
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Old 28th September 2009, 18:15
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wow TT!!...i cherish to be a member of this tracker for almost 2 years ..if u still have invite,can u kindly spare me one

email is
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Old 19th October 2009, 18:45
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i am looking for an invite.
good ratio.
can give you a torrentleech invite
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Old 28th January 2010, 14:47
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hello guys...i see long time nobody give a TT here , maybe i have chance...:)

i can give my ratio on tl or other trackers i have seedbox too . i can take care an account. :)


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Old 30th January 2010, 23:35
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Default [Trade] TranceTraffic
I am now sending you a request from a tracker muzical ... Yes it's true that my list of trackers do not understand, you'll soon understand why ...

Freeparty big fan of since I was 16 or 11 years, I followed a certain trend in my culture muzicale. In fact, my musical tastes have turned exclusively to tekno and electronic muzica ... I mixed for several years, then I wanted to go to liveset (muzicale creation machine as RM1X, korg, SU700 and many of others ...). I also followed my friends Sono Pirate Unit in much of Europe every summer (France, Italy, Spain, Austria and Czech Republic ...) to discover this muzic and this spirit of sharing without asking anything in return , her evenings are free for all to come and free .... My tastes have changed slightly since the beginning, I was beginning hardtek hardkore and now the Breakbeat, Acid Tekno, Trance, Drum and Bass Elektro correspond perfectly to my desire and my passion ... it's d Moreover why and waffles for me are obsolete, although containing some zik tekno is almost exclusively commercial ... and it, I do not match at all ...

TranceTraffic particularly attracts me for various reasons, already for his amateur section, something I appreciate greatly, and it's this section that I could bring my stone to the building ... with a few mp3s, but also greatly CDs sold or given in Freeparty ... but also this section that I think finding things that I do not find elsewhere ... Level mp3, I have everything from mix, skeud liveset rip like ... I think I some sets that either lives or mixes not found anywhere else, except for fans like me ...

The other big big points are positive TranceTraffic liveset sections, these categories are very rare elsewhere ... and for me the best way to see what is an artist, because if the mix is an art, live is creating pure and hard, and that's the whole thing makes sense ... Having access thanks to my best buddy Elektronik, there is no interest for me to have another account there, the key USB can transfer much faster than the tracker itself ... And the tracker is much less diverse than the east or tranceRoute Elektronik ... TranceTraffic is El Dorado for elektronik muzik but not that of the trance ...

Last point to make, I make this request to also have a regular source of new sounds, because to chug by or in some specialized forums, I find it very difficult to find many new, and I confess that I begin to have tired of always listening to the same lives ..

Voili Voilou, I just want to say that TT is a paradise for me muzical not a tracker to acquire high level, those who know me know, at least I hope ... If the sponsor is present, it will sponsor my Dad Christmas 2009 .

I would have taken pictures of my CDs to argue a bit more but having thrown all my jackets, I could take my kit around 200 CDs, something that would not have much ...
I still put a screen of my mp3 file, they contain lives, and skeud mixes, categorized by Sound System, Vinyl Artist or label.

Click the image to open in full size.

I did not put my ratio screens but you can ask me if you want, but my request is based primarily on my passion for Elektro and not downloading ... I have good ratios on all my trackers I have more personal Seedbox but I have 100 GB of space for me on my OVH bof.

I continurais also a flyer on the evenings this forum and make my ptits reports, I hope one day to succeed in motivating them to move with me ...

For questions please.

Thank you for your attention
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Old 30th January 2010, 23:56
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I heard there are only 8.000 user slots available in that tracker site and all are full...

One thing is for sure: nobody will give an invite there without getting something in return

1. Anyway i see some sell their accounts: Selling TranceTraffic Donor Torrent Account

2. Ask someone that has an account there
I see they have a Steam Group Steam Community :: Group :: TranceTraffic

3. You could also go to their iRC channel and beg or bribe them (or both):

channel: #trancetraffic

EDIT: Unfortunately their irc channel works only for registered tracker site users
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Old 21st March 2012, 09:37
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Default Can you send for me there Please...........
I'd like to have is an invitation to invite me invite you to treasure the two would you give your going to work hard

Originally Posted by ArturK View Post
Hi, i need invite, if someone can send me, i can give you also some other invites!

Make sure you join and is the place where you want to

Invitation to ask
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Old 17th August 2013, 16:05
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looking for an invite.

can give you a torrentleech, waffles, IPtorrents, stellarwinds is old suppertorrents invite or PM
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Old 2nd September 2013, 07:13
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willing to giveaway invites on TT. just convince me.
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