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Exclamation User leeching & seeding same torrent simultaneously.
How would one go about stopping users from leeching a torrent they are already seeding? Essentially seeding and leeching the same torrent at the same time on the same account. This can be problematic on freeleech torrents as a user would be seeding on one client whilst uploading to themselves as a leech on another client, essentially boosting their upload stats by uploading to themselves.

I would have thought that the below would work but it does not.


PHP Code:
if ($valid[0] >= && $seeder == 'no'err("Connection limit exceeded! You may only leech from one location at a time.");
if (
$valid[0] >= && $seeder == 'yes'err("Connection limit exceeded!"); 

Changed to:
PHP Code:
if ($valid[0] >= 2err("Connection limit exceeded! You may only leech or seed not both."); 
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