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Default Poster mod
Hi, need poster mod, for TBDEV netmaniack's edition 1.5
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Old 25-03-10, 21:46
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This mod is for Recommended Torrents only with poster

lets get start

First add in SQL:
ALTER TABLE `torrents` ADD `recommended` ENUM( 'Yes', 'No' ) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'No';

then in browse.php (or where you want to be the posters) add:

PHP Code:
$rezfive = mysql_query("SELECT id, recommended, name, poster FROM torrents WHERE recommended = 'yes' ORDER BY added DESC LIMIT 7") or sqlerr(__FILE__, __LINE__);
print '<h2 align=center><font color=white>Recommend Torrents</font></h2><table width=100% border=1 ><tr>';
if (mysql_num_rows($rezfive) > 0) {
while ($fiverow = mysql_fetch_assoc($rezfive)) {
$poster = (!empty($fiverow["poster"]) ? (str_replace(" ", "%20", htmlentities($fiverow['poster']))) : 'pic/poster.jpg');
print ("<td><a href=\"".$BASEURL."/details.php?id=".$fiverow['id']."\" /><img src=\"".$poster."\" width=\"145\" height=\"210\" border=0 /></a><br /></td>");
echo "</tr></table>";
in edit.php

PHP Code:
    if ($CURUSER["admin"] == "yes")
tr("Banned""<input type=\"checkbox\" name=\"banned\"" . (($row["banned"] == "yes") ? " checked=\"checked\"" "" ) . " value=\"1\" /> Banned"1); 

PHP Code:
        tr("Recommended Torrent","<input type=radio name=recommended" . ($row["recommended"] == "yes" " checked" "") . " value=yes>Yes!<input type=radio name=recommended" . ($row["recommended"] == "no" " checked" "") . " value=no>No!<br><font class=small size=1>IF you want to recommend this torrent!</font>",1); 
in takeedit.php
PHP Code:
if (!empty($_POST['recommended']))
$recommended unesc($_POST['recommended']); 
and this
PHP Code:
$updateset[] = "recommended = " sqlesc($recommended); 
I think thats all

Mod by Westony Orginal topic in

Orginal Picture : Click the image to open in full size.

My tracker picture : Click the image to open in full size.

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Thanks it works !!!

Click the image to open in full size.

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Old 16-01-14, 02:01
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What about the pictures? They rotate or just standing there?

If, I'll take like 10 torrents recommend the torrent, pictures show all ten in browse or her will rotate in a random order?
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Old 16-01-14, 11:10
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They are Static images. They won 't rotate or change order randomly.

Please DO NOT "PM" me for Personal Support!! Keep all questions on the board so all can benefit.

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mod , poster

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