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Old 11-07-18, 00:29
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thartley55 thartley55 is offline
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Well, since most people know about this place (bvlist), perhaps this should become THE support forums place.
Maybe bvlist can put a couple of the regular contributors to U232 in position to manage the U232 forums (and I don't mean the folks who tried to take over the other forums...which seems to have cause some of the recent butt-hurt over there.).
I'm sure some of the old-timers are on bvlist, and maybe a couple of them would be interested.
After all, it seems bvlist manages to stay online on a more regular basis...lately.
Just my 2-cents, for what it's worth.

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Fynnon (14-01-19)
Old 11-07-18, 02:34
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weren't the forums there pretty dead anyway?
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Old 11-07-18, 02:48
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thartley55 thartley55 is offline
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Posts: 82
Kinda dead, yes. least they were there, for people to at least try searching for help...and to ask, and hope for a reasonably prompt reply.
And that is the whole point.
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Old 13-07-18, 00:20
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TLO TLO is offline
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United Kingdom
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Well guys, real life takes over sometimes as most peeps in this game know. Bigjoos and autotron have had a lot going on so the last couple of minths have been up and down. The main guys are still around and hopefully now that things have settled down a little then business should resume. And as for "dead" I beg to differ as the main core of the team are always on hand to help out and answer questions and help when and where available.

Asyou all know comments from certain quarters are always expected making snide comments, but hey why change whats been going on for years!

Anyways enough of saying whats been said umpteen times by many others,

the forums are back as is the dev site.


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Old 29-09-18, 12:01
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support forums whenever i try login error is same wait 8 seconds between login attempt
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Old 29-09-18, 17:53
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Napon Napon is offline
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It's OK for me
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Old 30-12-18, 19:10
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Joe Joe is offline
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Not sure why the site died it was on the for front for a tracker site... Sad to see if go but if anyone knows how to get a hold of them let me know..
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Old 30-12-18, 20:22
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papad papad is offline
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Originally Posted by Napon View Post
It's OK for me
What you mean its ok for you napon? mate the site is down dead as a dodo
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Old 30-12-18, 20:24
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Their server melted. They need time to see if they can and will be able to retrive some backups.
Need HELP!? I can install:

  1. Server/VPS (Debian,CentOS,Ubuntu,Fedora, FreeBSD) Optimization and ... + Modules
  2. Webserver Windows/Linux (Apache/Lighttpd/Nginx/Mysql/PhpMyAdmin/SSL) Optimization and ... + Modules
  3. Seedbox Windows/Linux (uTorrent,rTorrent,libTorrent,ruTorrent) + Modules
  4. TBDev Support
  5. Gazelle Support Install
  6. TSSE Install Support
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Old 13-02-19, 15:33
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Default installation -white page
White page :(
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