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Old 10th September 2020, 05:12
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Default XBT now supports IPV6 (also code for Cloudflare https users)
Since late June the official XBT code base on github now full supports IPv6. There's no official announcement or comments on it, but I've spoken with the creator Olaf and he confirmed it. And I added the updated code to my tracker and it works well. The code also seems to use less processing power.


There's one thing i'll note that needs to be changed if you route traffic through Cloudflare and that's commenting out the following code in connection.cpp:

// if (ti.ipv6_ == std::array<char, 16>() || !is_private_ipa(addr_.sin6_addr.s6_addr))
		memcpy(, addr_.sin6_addr.s6_addr, 16);

You should comment out this area so that peers can connect when you're routing traffic through Cloudflare:

memcpy(, addr_.sin6_addr.s6_addr, 16);
That's about it and you will be able to track IPV4 and IPV6 traffic with XBT, test it out. Enjoy.
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