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I don't know how to word this without coming off as a prick so anywho,
I have been working in the underground tunnel with a lightbulb, so
if your a dedicated person to learning software then I guess this would suit you as you get to just do that learn and develop, design, write songs maybe,
but at the end it would be your adventure, you know what I mean.

I am still working on it so it is knot perfect, but hopefully enough to get you excited to start your ideas? this software is a mix and match so example you like torrent trader then you will like it if you like tbdev you will like it if your a freetsp fan then you will like it also I have updated code ready to put over the top of some scripts already but for now keep your eye on this one if your really interested in learning about history and other things, this software will alter as time goes by but if something stays then I guess we live with it right, well what the aim is to setup a forum engine then eventually add bittorrent so if your interested do tell me please so I know, I don't know if this classifies me as someone who is trying to fit into this world or if I just enjoy pissing people off, that will always stay a mystery I guess.

3353 - Freestyle
this engine is based on an 8mile train ride or bus ride depends on how you see yourself really me I am just trying to be a soldier like you when it comes to this game of surprise. 3353 means Freestyle with a pet dinosaur,
you think I am joking but things will change once you read the entire engine then start to play with ideas and then you see that real painting you have been looking for, I am trying to convert it into a CMS platform so we will see as I am not qualified like most so let's have some fun, u232 when you learn that life is about choices hopefully I wont have to be doing a Henry III on your life's but there is always gonna be a surprise but in the 8mile folder you will see how I try to design my website software hopefully you can understand what I am trying to do, if not I am sorry this doesn't concern you. this is me trying to be as professional as possible and straighten out some issues we have had in the past, u232 I have left the last song out so if your paying close attention then you know what to do if not someone else might jump on it. gee this is gonna be interesting, no more wars without our pet dinosaurs, shiiiiit.

@mindless you honestly are either headless or neckless but either way priceless like your face, smack a bitch in a winecellar.

that is just me showing respect, so sit back and learn that your methods are as old as your last thought, things change, people change, this is not a game anymore I am doing something they should have done from the start being yourself and being honest like I never thought this would make it, but it is a point to start something different, no more drama, except my smart ass remarks like smack a bitch in a winecellar,

anywho enough about Henry III, let's get down to what this is all about this unwanted, this frecking waste of space, hold on get your space suit ready, time for 420.

I will be working on this for awhile so please if you want to help once you actually see what I a trying to do then speak up, I'll listen if you want to contribute, most the code I honestly believe is still pre-alpha I have not tested anything really just know it connects to db so far but that could be a bug also knowing my luck, when new code arrives you will have build functions and db entries as I have yet to do it all. 8mile track takes it time, when the clock is frozen at 1am.


P.S I hope you drive yourself to be a star yourself one day, encourage people don't bring them down to your level because you feel the need to try dictate, tell me is this too far, is this the proof you needed? I am not even finished or started this is just the tip of the iceberg.

this is why I am support here I guess because I can program, because I can
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