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Old 21st February 2020, 20:05
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Default after test FreeTSP
after test FreeTSP for 3 days yes this script nice but still messing some items

1- option to edit donate page
2- option to edit staff page to add First Line Support and Uploaders

3- option to edit User Group
4- option to add Adv in apical places in site

this is my opinion only about this script
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Old 21st February 2020, 20:42
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Well, a couple things... can edit a member's account, and enable FLS for that member...this will then show FLS section/tab on Staff Page.
Uploaders...I assume will show up there when they are made an Uploader...the section/tab is there on Staff Page.
UserGroup...edit the code.
And so on, and so on...
This script is not TSSE, where you can do all these things from the Staff Panel.
Advice, get your hands dirty and tinker with the code...that's what I do when/if I want to try modding to suit me.
Find a knowledgeable Coder who will do it for you.
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Old 25th February 2020, 02:21
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FreeTSP was never meant to be an out of the box source code with all the bells and whistles.
FreeTSP is based of TBDev08, laid out in a lot simpler fashion.
It has evolved a long way since then, but the lay out remains same.
We have tried to keep it plain and simple, so that people can learn to code things for themselves.
That is the idea of the forum, to ask questions and learn.

But the sad fact is - people don't want to learn ( hell that goes in the to hard basket )
They want an out of the box source code with all the bells and whistles.
So in the end they end up buying Xams code.
And when the want or need something they post in the support forum.
Then wait forever for a reply - then pay for a code update.

If you learn to code - not only do you save money.
You don't have to hire / pay for someone to code for you.
You also are more secure, because no one else has access to your code or data base.
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Once you master php,MySQL,html,css you learn how to become a average playah in the game of code. I have alot of ideas I have yet to convert I am using tbdev myself with the help of FreeTSP if you seen my work from U-232,TBDev,TorrentTrader it all works within FreeTSP if you master those keys of options. not sure if my view counts though my experience with FreeTSP has been alot of fun when last ran it I did have some mods created back in the days for all to try out nothing to spectacular. if you ignore the comments you can see my effort to play around with others.

Personal experience with FreeTSP I had a blast to be honest took abit to get around the so call messy style those that don't know the basics with the code of playgrounds will have difficult learning the application. I am more CSS then PHP though over the past few busy months I have come to master the basic SQL data which would only happen if I applied the effort I would like to thank the programmers who take there efforts to apply the work which allows me, us or freckles it all who help out in the communities. those that know of me knew i came from u-232 then bounced to tbdev then back then back basically bounced from code to code then found FreeTSP. So thank you!, I am more into TorrentTrader now a days as they seem to have the games I been after security breaches nothing has been found within my uses of FreeTSP u-232 was a bit different though no need to boast or roast each other ova minor errors. Cross-Scripting is nothing to be taken lightly nor is admin override either.
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Old 17th March 2020, 19:49
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Freetsp is still yet the cleanest code. if someone take it and follow pdo and php 7 it will rock
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