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Old 18th February 2009, 22:30
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Default bug in message.php
There was a bug in message.php when you forward a message

fixed to change lin 713 to this
PHP Code:
 $res sql_query("SELECT * FROM ".TABLE_MESSAGES." WHERE id=" sqlesc($pm_id) . " AND (receiver=" sqlesc($CURUSER['id']) . " OR sender=" sqlesc($CURUSER['id']) . ") LIMIT 1") or sqlerr(__FILE__,__LINE__); 
O yeah thanks for the script :D


i found to more bugs

ive you put a avatar link in my.php by avatar on every weight en heigt it gives me a error its to big

and if you ad a language map on the server you cant see the new added language in my.php

Last edited by carphunter18; 18th February 2009 at 23:53. Reason: Found more bugs
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Old 19th February 2009, 13:03
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Default Strip ASCII
someone could make script for Strip ASCII

big Thx

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Old 23rd February 2009, 19:02
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Originally Posted by bit4you View Post
someone could make script for Strip ASCII

big Thx


PHP Code:

function trim_ml (&$descr$extras false ) {
$lines = array();
explode"\n"$descr ) as  $line ) {
$lines[] = trim$line"\x00..\x1F.,-+=\t ~" );
$descr implode"\n"$lines );
trim_regex$pattern$replacement$subject ) {
trim_ml$subject );
preg_replace$pattern$replacement$subject );
strip( &$descr ) {
$descr trim_regex'/[^\\x20-\\x7e\\x0a\\x0d]/'' '$descr );
$descr trim_regex'/ +/'' '$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\n[-\s]+\n/""\n\n"$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\n[a-zA-Z][ ~]+[a-zA-Z]\n/"' ' ,$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\n[A-Z] ?~+/i""\n"$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/~+ ?[A-Z]\n/i""\n"$descr );
$descr trim_regex'/([^\s.])[\s.:]+:+[\s.:]+([^\s.])/''$1: $2'$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\s+\[(.+)\]/"' [$1]'$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\n\n\n+/""\n\n"$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\\[ \\] [^[\n]+/"' '$descr );
$descr str_replace"[ ]\n""\n"$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/(: \[[^\]]\] [^\n]+)\n\n/""\$1\n"$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/([^\n]+:[^\n]+)\n\n([^\n]+:[^\n]+)/""$1\n$2"$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/ \[x\]/i"','$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/ \[(\d+)\]/"', $1'$descr );
$descr str_replace':,'':'$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\[ ([^\]]+) \]/"'$1'$descr );
$descr trim_regex"/\n\n\n+/""\n\n"$descr );
trim_ml$descr$extra );
$descr trim$descr );

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Exclamation YSE PRE 7-liquidate bug
\htdocs\userdetails.php on line 49
Beside many есь such bugs is noticed not once! in file userdetails.php
100% worker in embedding
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File Type: php userdetails.php (32.7 KB, 60 views)
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Old 23rd March 2009, 21:07
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Default Some bugs

I am new to the source so forgive me if these bugs have been fixed or are not "really" bugs:
Fixes in Yuna Pre7 RC v02.1 - BolaMN

1. No Registration off message/if function.

signup.php - add
    if ($registration == "off")


lang_main.php - add
$tracker_lang['signup_disabled'] = 'Signups are currently disabled, please check back later.';

2. No link to inviteadd.php in admin control panel nor in the user profiles

3. "Parcked" spelled wrong in lang_main.php
Bump: Another bug:

5. When you have a "You have xx new messages" box, and you go to your inbox to delete them without reading, the box does not go away.
6. The url for delete news message is not prased.
Delete News
Are you sure you want to delete this news? Click <a href=?action=delete&newsid=1&returnto=&sure=1>here</a> If you are sure. 

Last edited by ampedm; 23rd March 2009 at 22:41.
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Old 29th March 2009, 18:32
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Default tracker status error
Your client is not connectable! check your Port-configuration or search on forums...use tool :vuze
hlp ...plz...:sorry:
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Old 17th June 2009, 01:16
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in takeupload.php it tells me

how to fix it :sorry:
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Old 17th July 2009, 19:17
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Exclamation russian
Are russian language? :sorry:
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Old 19th August 2009, 18:28
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EDIT : Bad forum, sorry !

Last edited by Volupia; 19th August 2009 at 18:39. Reason: Bad Forum
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Old 30th August 2009, 16:45
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I finished to install the tracker, i wrote admin accout and password, all, and finally i got that error

I love my beach`zZzz


>>>Now press CTRL+W<<<

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