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Default To everyone the nullers and the admins.
after searching through this site to do with xam and his scamming of turning tbdev into a paid commercial project i started to think someone here must
have or had a nulled fully working version not 6,5,4,3,2 etc.. doesn't matter someone must have a 100% working version before he ioncubed everything.

so then i go checking and to be honest it's a complete mess there's different xam versions scattered all over this place
but not 1 of them is fully nulled decoded a 100% why keep bothering working on newer versions when the older ones
still do not work or 100% clean of any problems?

Why not pick a REALY 100% working version without ioncube when the source was first brought out then start working on
adding all the features of xams new source into the older version without all this call back protection lincencing ioncubed crap

in other words grab a old working copy make a project of re-desinging and enhencing that version build with as many features as his new source has.
basically who cares if its not the 100% real source just emulate the same real features as his later sources it's only coding which if you can null
or know enough about mysql and php you sure could just code in the new features right?

hell even take his free v1.3.9 and make that to look and feel like v6.1
are you people really going to keep trying to break this ever changing ioncubed crap he puts out or are you going to use your heads

and get a base build and just work on making that a ioncubeless feature rich version.

when is all this madness going to end!
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doesn't know m8 u coud say this about every source like why u are making new release if last one is still not working perfect with no errors and security holes
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not really people make new versions to patch holes in previous.
for example there's a bug in v2.4 of a program the makers will issue a new build of version which fixes that problem.

this same method cannot work when your not the original author.
the XAMS sources here are less than useless all the versions you get users
comments about it doesn't work or its not been nulled properly

if the nullers/decoders can't decode the older versions correctly
then they have not a cats hell of a chance of doing future versions since
the protection systems are much tougher and more security been put in.

do you get what i mean?

if v2.4 in 2007 couldn't be nulled or decoded what chance is any
2.5 in 2009 got if a previous version cannot be done.

Why doesn't Bravo list just drop this XAM stuff and work on their own.
why doesn't bravo list actually work on someones source to add new features and make a lovely fully working fully modded system.

all users would love something like this instead of constantly wasting time on XAMS
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Old 27-07-18, 20:56
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There will be ill release with fullmod
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admins , nullers

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