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Default Check boxes listing
i woud like to know hove to list check boxes as u see (atached prewiew)
there is a big mess with them
btw input code
<div class="dl_search"> 
        <form action="{link url="search"}" method="post" name="search"> 
        {section name="search" loop=$dl_cats} 
            <div class="cat"> 
                {if isset($dl_cats[search].subcats)} 
                    {foreach from=$dl_cats[search].subcats key=k item=sub} 
                        <div class="item"><input type="checkbox" name="dlsub_{$}" {if isset($smarty.session.subcats) && ( ( !isset ( $subcategory ) && $dl_cats[search].id==$smarty.session.subcats.0 ) || ( isset ( $subcategory ) && $subcategory == $ ) )}checked="checked"{/if} /> <a href="{link url="downloads/`$dl_cats[search].lid`/`$sub.lid`"}">{$dl_cats[search].name} » {$}</a></div> 
        <div class="inputs"> 
            <input type="text" value="{t k="tpl_index_search_phrase"}" name="search" class="search_input" onfocus="javascript:emptydef(this,'{t k="tpl_index_search_phrase"}')" /><input type="submit" value="{t k="tpl_downloads_search_input"}" class="search_submit" /> 
        <input type="hidden" name="type" value="downloads" /> 
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Old 16-09-09, 16:33
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what do you want it to look like?
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Old 16-09-09, 16:45
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like first line in list as u see it's listed straigt but other categories aligns to it and since name widths are diferent it keeps messing up
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