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Old 6th June 2023, 23:58
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There would of been valid reasons for being banned from the forum but any paid subscription would of remained in that case.
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Old 7th June 2023, 00:01
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Not in my case, as I was STILL on a paid subscription, which makes it suck more. But whatever.
I always tried to keep the subscription current.
I can see where that got me. Can't even speak my mind on that place.
Fuck it.
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Old 7th June 2023, 00:12
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@darkie you were another member who was abusive to staff and members, and aggressive behaviour. take down my link all you want BUT you will not take down xbtitfm regardless, we grow stronger remember that.
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Old 7th June 2023, 10:19
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This debate is allowed as long as it's civilized. So far so good
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Subzero (7th June 2023)
Old 7th June 2023, 12:07
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This post has nothing in the OP that was not true. I DEFF did not say anything about OBI, I did not have facts about that situation. All I will comment on, is what i physically endured and had to fix. I, on multiple ocassions, told cobra " I am ONLY here to help you and this code and the people using it". I never asked for anything in return, no money, nothing, aside from being ablee to aask cobra where files were so we could fix issues on our site as the framework for xbtit is such a mess at this point. The deal I made with him as i was NOT going to pay for "support" I was not getting, but GIVING to other users, I would help him with dealing with issues and build the code up on the Xbtit forum. You will NEVER find me being rude or mean on that forum. I was banned because it got to the point i was just helping the users one on one, as I could be reached at any time of the day on skype and discord. This upset cobra when on a few ocassions he got upset with me for doing work on others sites for free when he said it was "custom work" and that when he did custom work he expected to be paid for.... WHICH I AGGREE WITH, but when it is fixing things that came with the code, that is just FIXING the code... Not doing CUSTOM work.

Once my tracker got to the point it is at in size, and the inefficent way xbtit fm runs, it just can not keep up, we started to build a new code from scratch, which was for my site and my site alone. Well when I had 4 users ofxbtit FM come to me asking me about the new code when i told them i would be moving on, as even after I left the forums ( yes I got in trouble because the only active xbtit users left that needed help would message me OFF the site for fear they would be spied on by cobra) we decided to at the very least allow them to use it as well. I helped others... to help them. Me an my coders were doing the work that the dev refused to do..FOR FREE. I NEVER asked for a penny from anybody I helped, and I actually helped them. Just go look up everry interaction I had in the forums. I was never rude, and aside from asking for help for the same shit for over 2 months, I never did anything wrong on there. I just stopped visititng because it was 100% pointless and then one day a month after it happened I see a skype msg saying that the acnt was suspended and I was ok with that due to thte fact I stopped going on the site..

This was nothing more than a personal experence, That the person I was doing free work for ( to be fair, I was doing it to help users that were in my posistion) was so hard to talk to, cold, kinda mean, demanding, and entitled... as I go thru our skype converstion right now, ( and I will post screenshots at this point backing what I said, because unlike some of the things I am seeing here, every single thing I said can be backed by facts) everytime i wished him a happy holiday or aasked how he was( I specifically see thnksgiving, christmas day and then a few days after,) I would get ignored, and if i recall, all the fixes me and my team made, and i sent to yoou, worked... EVEN From your following message cobra..."2) you only sent me like 2 mods that wouldn't work on anyone's tracker & only on my localhost" To address this, between me and my team there was a 'Freeleech Pool' 'Invite promo code feature' 'HnR fixes' *so they would actually work* Fixed the 'Fill Request' issue that SSL sites could not fill requests, removed the 'SECURE CONNECTION' Buttons from USer CP and Sign up pages when FORCE SSL was enabled that would cause the users that checked them to be locked out until you went to the DB and fixed that, The donation system that would not register any donation perks to the userswith cobras "custom" donation page... and a few other fixes for FREE(Technically, I got an acnt to the forums that was only given to me to help other people... I did not benifit from this seeing as at this point I had a code team that was helping me fix all the abbove issues... issues I asked the dv to look in to for months when we started out and kept blowing me off, that is alllllll there in the forums, go look your self.) RATHER THEN A THANK YOU OR GOOD JOB, I just got barked at... and If the fixes and mods worked on your localhost , which you said they did, Then how in the same sentence can you say they were bad because they didnt work on other users sites? If they worked on your localhost, but when you tried to copy pase them in to customized sites, that means that there was nothing wrong with the fixes, and If you had applied them PROPERLY (like I had done with two sites other than my own) you would have had the biggest update to the code sense you were the sole dev/coder on the project.. The fact that I KNEW you could not just copy and paste new bits of code with out looking for custom work or making it a bit different for everyones site as everybodys xbtit code was a mess due to the way people had to fix things their own ways, and you did not is kind of scary. I ha been using the code for a few months, you were the LEAD DEV. If it wworked on your local host, a non customized version of the site, but broke customized versions, then the way it was implemented was the issue, not the fixes. My site worked, the other sites i implemented it properly on worked... so what was my fault? Giving you fixes you could not do? give you some new mods? I obviously owed you nothing, and i ONLY wanted a line of communication to the forums at this point to help the friends I had made, but they all would just skype or discord me.

I can post screen shots of the conversation that went on between me and cobra on skype, this was not my intention in anyway, but I do not like being lied about or told that I am not speaking facts about what happened to me. I just have learned that there are some conversations you do not want to remove. The sad part is, that most of the membbers that use xbtit FM for its inital reason, they do not have a coder and need a code to run on that caters to this and xbtit WAS this exact code, are just waiting for the new code that was built to launch to move over to. I guess the fact someone finally made a replacement will show that most people using xbtit have no other options, as no other code was built with this in mind. Now another code is coming that DOES have this in mind, people can go someplace else. All this post was, ws my experence with the code. It did not need Biased replies from people that were not there at the time, and do not have proof of anything they said. This is a forum site about codes. I did just that. Talked about an experence I had with a code so other people can see what a user went thru and use that when they are looking at codes. There is not a site out there that even calls Xbtit "Active" and every place I am on, I see stories similar to mine about the fact they were ignord when they needed help. I mean, you can see it by just going thru the xbtit forum, unless thoes were all deleted, which I could see happening. Just remember, I have proof of what I said. I would rather not start posting screenshots, but do not tell me what i said did not happen. and if you were not there, and just were told about things from the other party, maybe getting the whole story would make you not look so bad when you talk and you were very much so, misinformed. I have said my bits, I am sorry you guys were misinformed,, but ill post the screen shots that kidna prove yall wrong, becasue while im sure the posts that would show all this on the xbtit site were deleted, our skyp convo was not that was the main way me and cobra talked. :)

I can respect defending your project, but do it with facts, and when on a site lie this with a dozen active users, you have multiple others that have had similar experences as I have, kinda pushes even farther that there is an issue that you guys are ignoring. Your replies had nothing about the fact bits of my post (lack of support, being brushed off, broken bits of the code, how inefficent it is,) I hope that now with coders that know what they are doing they can help the users left, but with a big chunk packing their bags and moving codes in the next week or 2, and the name that cobra has given xbtit ( try searching other sites about trackers and their coes and look at everybody else that had the EXACT same issues as the handfull of people here)The damage has been done to the xbtit name and there is just no coming back. The code needs more then "fixes".... It looks like its 15 years old, and the feed back from the 10K + users my tracker has running it will also confirm the fact that it is so dated looking, unless you fully rebuilt things, its putting bubble gum in a hole in a sinking boat. Good luck trying to fix the code and its rep, I will always have a soft spot for people that were in my postion for the many months before I was able to fix everything broken in my site with out help from the dev i paid to fix the issues in his own code. Good day all!

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xblade (10th June 2023)
Old 10th June 2023, 20:16
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well its tits up with em

i do custom mods in torrenttrader for

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