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Default BVLIST - Future & Changes

We have been running this forum for more that 10 years and focused on torrent scripts because that was how we started.
Time went by and things change, Netflix was born and other ways of sharing files become more popular (rapidgator, nitroflare etc) so torrents have become less popular and interest for torrent scripts declined.

Now I think it's time to keep what we have but also change focus to something else that is more relevant for today's world. I have not decided what that should be but if you have any ideas please share them in here and they will be explored and debated.

I have a busy life so time for the forum has been extremely short and i'm looking to promote some people to help around other people that need advice.

For those willing to help please note these site rules:

- we DO NOT delete threads on request by those that made them

- try to be impartial and don't get into fights with people in the forum unless it's about the topic

I'm willing to explore other options for the forum but the keyword here is: LEGAL (at least for the next year)
What we do must be something that our enemies could not take us down for by making complaints to hosting companies etc
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