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Default Re: Yuna Scatari v2.0 PRE7 RC0
1. The Yuna Scatari source was first posted in this forum by another user (a Romanian user), not by BoLaMN !
I had some database problems so his name is lost but not forgotten :-)

2. I know Anditko from yuna`s site, I know he`s done some part of the translation but it was not completed and BoLaMN has translated some more.
In the next release of this source (soon) there will be credits fot yuna (the author) for Anditko (translator) and BoLaMN (translating)

Titles aren`t set yet but suggestions are accepted!

In the end it is important that we can work together and finish this source...the forum doesn`t work, we need to fix that !!! I don`t need people working for themselfs on this site, but people working together, for the community !!!