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Default Re: Yuna Scatari v2.0 PRE7 RC0
I am one of them who was 'sick of waiting' for RC7, I must confess :). So finding a copy of RC7 and in english was for me great thing. But this delay is not without the reason. As I am a member of Yuna Scatari forum, I now that works on RC7 code are still not over, for that it is still Release Candidate, nor final. Translation was done in the meantime by ANDiTKO and test site is working goood. But when RC7 becomes final and when it will be released - who nows .So for me even RC this version is fairely welcome, specially when works pretty good (I have it installed on h--p:// if you like to look). This installed version is probabely translated by you, but I am not sure as I get it from another source and unpacked. Maybe you can detrmine if it yours translation or not. Now when I have password to zip file and when I will have some time . try to install this code too and compare myself.
Anyway, this code is very good, but I have one need in it - it will be good to have mod for anonymosity - if you want, you can hide who upload torrent. Actually I am trying to apply such mod from another tbdev code, but differeces in construction of code are to great for me. I am not PHP prpgrammer ;)