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Default Re: Yuna Scatari v2.0 PRE7 RC0
the source of yuna pre7 translated to english i was never going to release till i saw alot of people wanted this source in english and were sick of waiting i first started on pre6 which i completed about 70% english and then stumbled across pre7 in my paths ;) so i started again to translate pre7 from russian to english

i do not descriminate against ANDiTKO his work was great on what he had achieved i just felt it was not going to get finished so i finished the translation to english

i hope you all like this source and i guess next one i do i will keep it a private source between me and my few folks and not release it to public, i am sorry if i offended anyone with what i have achieved but i believe this is a great step towards yuna english

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