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Default Re: Yuna Scatari v2.0 PRE7 RC0
Originally Posted by BoLaMN
have sent you the password download both rars and compare the translation i got the translation when it was around 30% english!!! still alot of files!!!
In my opinion this explain everything. 30% is not so much for all phrases to translate. Specially when there is not enaugh to translate 'language packs'. I now it, because I have translate all RC6 from russian to polish myself.
If you get code 30% translated, the rest is pretty big job to do. With 70% independent work each of you can say so has his own share in project :). Translation of phrases from tracker code left no place for individuality, so both translations could look as the same. Only this Yuna credits - this not look good. But I hope, you fix it immediately.
Anyway, didn't you think about joining to Yuna Scatari team for translation and developing of this code? I think this code is worth it to be worked out good.
@ANDiTKO - I understand your position, byt this is as I see it. I think each of you, besides Yuna credits, can put your own mark as transaltor. So every user can see,. who translated code he use.
I use now RC6 and i am oserving with great interest how goes works on RC7. You now, so prerealease code is not allowed by Yuna to spread. So I was very surprised to find it in net. Taking in accout all what was said, I think you you mustn't be angry. Tis BoLaMn work looks like in great part independent job.