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Originally Posted by fireknight View Post
@ Napon

Not getting into a fight with you - but it could be changed to work with TBDev 08.
If that's what you wanted to do.
Hell any code can be changed to work with any source.
Just depends on your time frame and coding skills.

Yes TBDev 08 is old code.
But end of day - it comes down to the site owners call - to use what ever code they want.

We ( coders ) do not like Xam or his code - because he uses others peoples code - claim it for his code - then encrypts it for his own gain.

But we do not blame people for using his source - Such is life.


@fireknight im a coder like your self make my own code for a start i do not want the crap code above...if i want to make this mod it would not look like the above..i do not neeed any of it as ive made my own cores 2 of then..also the users on here think i have not think again there is one members on here who as seen my core and on the core so shoot the fuck up the want to be coders
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