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Glad some fool from the phpBB3 forum told me about this site as it has helped me allot.
I spent alot of time in the Filesoup forum for a long time but after the bad crash they had last year It just has never recovered as far as torrent sources go.

So here we are I was here when we where on a phpBB3 forum and just working out the kinks and now it is all coming together nicely.
I hope that this site well contennue to grow and prosper. There are allot of good people in here that make this place what it is and we seem to get more and more each day.
Do not ask me to help you work on your site that is not phpMyBitTorrent
Do not ask me to make a mod for any other source
Do not Ask me to setup your site.
I will no longer help you setup your site, there is a setup script if you have trouble with it post in the forum here or in BT.Managerô forum
My Current Demo is here
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