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Default FreeSpirit-R1
Hi all,

So Ive put together this source code for the following reasons..
I needed to have a site that requires little hdd space also does just about everything
automatically and could be run on a home sever if need be so I created Freespirit.

So what is it?

FreeSpirit users JQuery Mobile as its framework that is compatible with most mobile devices. The source scrapes and gets the NZB file from there is no need to have a massive server with a large capacity like what is needed for Newznab, its possible to even run it from a home server. Ive also populated the series table with quite a few series, If the release doesn't have any data attached to the release the script will attempted to find it from TvRage and TVDB, once the data has been inserted from there on it will be called from the database.

How to install..

1) You will need to install PHPCLI by typing #apt-get install php5-cli.

2) Extract and upload the content.

3) Setup crontab by typing in #crontab -e and paste at the end */5 * * * * /usr/bin/php /path/to/update.php (remember to change the path to the path to update.php and don't put update.php in the www folder.

Note! the update.php file must be one tree up from the www folder Eg. /home/freespirit/update.php and then the source will go into home/freespirit/www

4) Create a new database called "freespirit" and import the database from /db/freespirit.sql

5) Now edit /include/config.php.

6) Chmod 0777 /path/to/nzbs/

What I'm still working on....

i) I'm still working on an API for Sickbeard
ii) Adding torrents from Kickass.
iii) A PM system.
iv) Admin panel

In R2 Hopefully I'm going to design it so if you have it enabled site will be securely linked so if your site has just started you will have tones of content instantly and securely though an API share key.

What can you do?

This is open for anyone to contrute as long as you conform loosely to JQuery Mobile framework, for more info you can read up about it here

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Please Support Majority Report

You can contact me on Skype live:phesadent.elect but please let me know first.

Due to free time I'm able to help interested member's with their tracker.

Please Note!
Depending on your requests I will charge you for my assistance for Tracker installs and mods.
All my mods are custom and prices will very depending on the request.

I'm able to install any tracker and mods including themes.

Please PM me

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