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hehe must be nice to be in his good graces :) he has insulted me and demeans me and called me many names in the shoutbox over there.
Originally Posted by thebrass View Post
what about xam, yuna and so on, that took the code and all of the mods and call all of the code theirs with there headers that it was all done by them and then some turn around and sell it...with back doors that they can do what they please...
i agree that they should be giving credits to original creators and tbdev or tbsource and mod creators but i don't use those sources, i use a tbdev derived source.

i disagree that tbdev is in the same class as these sources, tbdev is supposed to be classy, we wanna put tbdev on the same level as these sources that give no credits or worse sell them?

also credits are a non-issue to me they only became an issue because he has put his name alone in headers on codes that are not made by him, at all, and then turns around and complains about others doing that exact thing! If he didn't complain about it, it wouldn't be a big issue to me, but i see it as hypocritical to demand members do one thing then he turns around and does what he tells everyone not to do.

of course i know that he keeps tbdev alive by being admin, supporting members, managing the forums and making available the source these are all pluses and he deserves credit, but, it is all the negatives that are now starting to outweigh all the positive things he has done and which lead me to the path I am now on :P

i agree bashing or name calling is childish but all ive said in all the words i posted above is that he was an arse, thats about it :P. I've been called much worse over there by him, I've been called things by him that shocked me and i was very insulted. I tried not to let it bother me but obviously it has, the straw that broke the camels back was seeing him insult that member at tbdev which lead to me saying 'I'd expect no less of him' in a private manner.

It's ok thebrass, don't worry about me :) I feel a great weight lifted off my shoulders now, Im done with bringing up this topic of him and this is hopefully my last post on this specific matter, I have no wishes to ever return to unless it became a fun place to be again and I hope it does. :)

you know me I'm all about the fun, I don't hate, I can't believe I got banned even, so much for free speech. (It's not like I said that at or here)

I can still contact all my friends and peers from in other manners and that is the most important part, I feel sad it had to end like this but I can only be insulted or see other people insulted so much before I speak up.

PS. who is threatening with dos? :shock: not me, i just reporting that i got banned :)

i dunno what headers will be yet but the source is gpl, so i would wish that members keep headers intact but if they don't, oh well, they are within their rights to be lame and remove them.
source will also have in faq, credits to the 3 sourcecodes and credits to individual coders.
I can assure you that the headers and credits will not consist of only 'by pdq' hehe :]

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