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Default I have seen a lot of crap in my days but.......
You people need a history lesson first of all Tony in the early days I banned you off of my site for doing what ?? spamming the crap out of it .. so you are one to talk about anything... next we will take the faster announce... what a joke that is, all snuggles n the rest did is replicate something that was done in 2005 and I even enlightened the sir snuggles about it and he still took credit for it and even posted the original link to it - but yet he takes credit for it ?? then bashes CoLdFuSiOn - wtf - we were there to help each other in the early days not to worry about who did what - in my eyes he has done nothing more then anyone else has done with the original code with the exception of selling it like xam the @#$##$% -

next we take pdq - I personally stood up for u - I am the one that recommend that he ban you - he had demoted you - you made me a promise...

what everyone needs to understand is that it is all based on ByteMonsoon
and CF was the one that has kept the legacy of the torrentbits code alive for years in fact I dare say if it weren't for him that code wouldn't be as popular as it is today he even kept tbdev alive out of his own pocket at times... for what to be bashed ?

and you know what .... all anyone has done here is to prove him right in what he has done...

tbh - you people learn a little @tbdev then you go round bashing it and CF
well I'm sorry bout this post but it had to come out of me -

you r the idiots - you can ban me if you wish as I really don't want any part here -

this has to stop - if you have something to say to someone tell them directly and not on some bullshit forum -

He went through all that trouble of announcing that anybody found coming here (bvlist) would be banned from tbdev yet he somehow found it ok for himself to come here and then post about it on tbdev hoping the tbdev users would lick his arse and take big interest in whatever he puts after .
you sir r an asshole he never said that - what he said was this anyone caught badmouthing him behind his back would get banned and I whole hardheartedly agree with that. I have badmouthed him when I didn't agree with him the only difference was I did it to him directly not on some other forum- I'm here and not banned there - dude you have a lot of growing up to do - actually you all do..........

Then goes to the trouble of reporting me for using a nulled ipb forum lol
He wouldn't do something like that - and you are a buffoon for using a nulled anything for a public forum ! Did you ever stop to think you did it to yourself and it wasn't nulled correctly and it called home ?

I can code something that would be seemingly harmless but once invoked it would call up other seemingly harmless bits and once completed it would do anything I desired it to do...and you or anyone else would never know about it...

but again you demonstrate just how low you really are..using a hacked form like that, then accusing someone for turning you in, when in fact you are using a hacked forum.......LOL - just who is the fool there ?

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