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thanks Tony and pdq :party:

it's nice to see people saying nice stuff for a change lol (I actually joined just to say that lol).

hey, shit happens, and karma can be a bitch. I have no bad feelings towards anyone. and though I told pdq "don't lose your account at TBDev on my account, there are a great bunch of folks at TBDev, and regardless of where it's heading, it's good to keep the good folks together."
well ... too late now lol

I hope that the good ones will find their way to other venues that will be more supportive and friendly, with a sense of community.

I won't post any links, as I just joined and haven't read the FAQ / Rules etc (I know bad me) but I'm still posting new code / mods and may even get involved in the next branch of TB based code.

regardless, thanks for the nice words you two :)
and anyone trying to find me or where I post, ask pdq... she's in he know, and as always, I'm happy to share anything I do...

it's been said, "sharing is caring" and knowledge is power...


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