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Default Banned from TBDEV.NET ?
well all i can say is its ABOUT TIME somebody else from tbdev had the balls to tell coldfusion how much he's killed TBDEV acting like a child and trying to make something his work which wasnt from the start and then having the guts to call xam .

ok CF... do what you like, but don't be a coward about it.

if you want to insault me, do it to my virtual face, don't whip out your e-dick, demote, ban then insault me when I can't answer back.

but then I guess you're a smaller man then I thought...

take your head out of your ass for a moment and realize that you are NOT the only coder to help build what tbdev is...
though you seem to think so.

tbdev has been coded by many many many people besides you, and in fact up until quite reciently, you've actually been a realy layze admin to this site, popping in from time to time, and not bothering to update the code... for years...

it's only in the last SHORT while that you have actually done anything to the TB code base that you hadn't bothered to update for years.

and much of the stuff in the new code is BY OTHER CODERS! without credit might I add as you seem to want to add a cc licence to the code and not alow anyone to change it or REMOVE CREDITS etc... yeah, I capatilized that, but that is what TBDev svn is... code that YOU took from here, removed credits and added your egotistical copywrite CF to...

I won't bother mentioning the many many coders whos work you've used, as you don't want to credit anyone with any of the hard work they put into what they thought was a project that they were helping to build / develop etc...

I'll simpley point to the new announce in YOUR code... and no, I don't take credit for it, I started it as an idea that I wanted the COMMUNITY (a word or concept that you obviously do not understand) to help DEVELOP IT

here is what it said (that you removed) at the top of the page:
/************************************************** *****************************
*** a faster announce by Sir_SnuggleBunny, x0r, System, Laffin, Retro, Majes,
*** Jaits, Pandora
*** de-bugging version all errors are either numbered or lettered (a, b, c etc)
************************************************** *****************************/

and I'm not sure if that's the latest, but hey, I've been banned from the site, so their may be more names in it by now...

if you can treat Laffin, pdq and myself amoung others who have done nothing but help this site and this project, well, I guess you really are a small man.

dig it, it's yours do whatever you like with it, but treat people who have given so much to TBDev like shit, and well, you're loosing face.

you look like an egotistical, pig-headed power freak...

and I guess that's what you are. sad to see it, I really am.,,

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