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Ok undo all from first post

Now we will add the plugin

Go to the link below

choose SHOUTcast v1

set up all the shoutcast info up hit submit

copy the script too TSUEPlugin_Radio

Appearance/Manage Templates/TSUEPlugin_Radio

Search in Templates TSUEPlugin_Radio

Replace with

PHP Code:
<div class="widget">    <h4>        <img src="{$TSUE['TSUE_Settings']->settings['global_settings']['website_url']}/styles/{$TSUE['TSUE_Template']->ThemeName}/forums/mix/{$toggleSrc}.png" alt="" title="" rel="TSUERadio" id="toggle" class="middle pointer" />        {$radioOptions['radio_swfradiochannel']}    </h4>    <p id="TSUERadio" class="{$class}">   <center>   <script>var flashvars = {};flashvars.serverHost "http://ip or Domain:8000/;";flashvars.getStats "1";flashvars.autoStart "1";flashvars.textColour "gray";flashvars.buttonColour "black";flashvars.backgroundURL "none";var params = {};params.bgcolor"black";</script><script type="text/javascript" src="/flash/v1.3.js"></script></center>       </p></div> 

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