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Default Project U-232 - New Version Released for testing and development
Some of you may know already about this release version called U-232 Codename Trinity...

This version is nothing to do with antimidas version, from my knowledge, back in 2017 someone came with that name (son, swizless or Mindless). This is the only reason that I'm keeping this name and not other names....

I fork latest V5 from Mindless github and I've start editing the whole source...

Updated to latest :
- php version 8.0.2
- MariaDB version 10.5.8
- Redis server version 5.0.3

What's new in this version?

Switched mysqli from procedural to oriented object
Use darkalchemy's ideas and his commits from github for caching
Changed the shoutbox to ajaxchat
Password hashing - we use an strong method for hashing password
Removed all md5 hashing for passwords,salt etc
Removed deprecated functions
Default design - foundation by Zurb instead of bootstrap
Sass compilation and prefixing
JavaScript module bundling with webpack
Built-in BrowserSync server
No errors with MariaDB in strict_mode
Slider carousel with top 10 in browse.php
Double signup account option

And any other changes which i can't remember now

We still have to do lots of work in there:
remove unnecessarily files like images, javascript, etc but we do with small steps...

Any suggestions or any issues don't hesitate to give us a shout on forums, test site or discord

All Credits goes to original creators and to the top man Mindless

I hope Mindless will be happy, because I choose to continue his work...
I don't want this code to disappear, lost of people spend precious time for this source code and other source codes as well


Test site



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